Surprising Wedding Desserts 

Surprising Wedding Desserts

Modern day weddings are done with the old ways and are all about the new, quirky and fun ways. From dances to dresses and desserts, couples are trying to renovate everything on their big day. It is said that all the best things in life are sweet and desserts fall rightly into that category. There’s no longer a need to follow the old wedding desserts menu and you can get as creative with desserts as you want to be. Read on to find out some surprising wedding dessert ideas


  • Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

A balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand. Available in a number of flavors and designs, the origin of cupcakes dates back to the 19th century United States. Cupcakes can serve as an attractive option for your wedding dessert. You can choose from some common flavors like chocolate and vanilla and other less common ones such as raspberry, blueberry, red velvet, espresso fudge, white chocolate, salted caramel, lemon-raspberry, strawberry, mocha, jelly, etc. Cheese lovers can also opt for cream cheese cupcakes. You can also get your cupcakes decorated in flower designs, minions, angry birds, butterflies, etc. Opt for a colorful range of cupcakes for your big day. Top your cupcakes with chocolate chips, cherries or chocolate rice to make them look festive. What’s more you can also create a marvelous cupcake tower on your wedding day!


  • Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops

These adorable bite-sized desserts are a great break from the traditional wedding cake. What’s more, cake pops can be easily customized to match your wedding themes. They also do not require a plate or a fork and can be easily served by the staff on trays. You can choose from a number of flavors for the frosting of the cake pops. Top your cake pops with colorful chocolate rice or sparkles. They’re also available in a number of shapes and designs. 


  • Macaroon Tower

Yummy Macaroon Tower Cake

There’s no lying to the fact that macaroons are totally delectable and marvelous. A hit amongst the kids, macaroons are available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, red-velvet, vanilla, pistachios, orange, peppercorn, rose and coconut. You can also opt for blueberry macaroons, honey macaroons, almond macaroons or caramel macaroons. You can also create a majestic macaroon tower for your wedding day. 


  • Pie Table

Tasty Pie Table Cake

This baked dish made of pastry dough is a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. You can opt from a range of sweet or savory pies such as lemon pie, apple pie, cherry pie, blackberry pie, pumpkin pie, chicken pie, fish pie, strawberry pie, sweet potato pie and corned beef pie. Not just delectable, pies are also easy on your budget. Everyone loves food bars and dedicating one whole table to pies is a great idea for your wedding day. You can also go for mini pies, pie pops or pies in a jar!


  • Other Alternatives

Candy & Donuts

Other surprising wedding desserts can be donuts, candies, colorful lollipops, marshmallows, and ice cream sandwiches. You can also opt for a candy table comprising of fun containers and similar hued candies. A great way of making your dessert table attractive is by displaying desserts in a jar. Treats like brownies, fruit puddings, layered caked and mousses can be served in these jars. Waffles are also a great option for your dessert menu.


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