Sweetened Almonds  

Sweetened Almonds

We all know, sugar coated almonds are excellent treat for any occasion. Include almonds into your wedding invitation cards, Diwali gifts, gathering sweets or other exceptional festival by serving them as sweet treats or adding them to a confection buffet. Place a modest bunch of the sweet treats into glass bowls or champagne glasses at every visitor table or wrap them in fragile organza sacks to pass out as favours. 

Almonds are nutritious

Almonds are heart-solid and rich in protein! They contain 11g of heart-sound monounsaturated fat per 1 oz. serving. Monounsaturated fat brings down the LDL cholesterol that prompts heart strokes. Additionally, 1 oz. of almonds contains 7.6g of protein. Interestingly, one egg contains only 5.5g of protein. 

Sweetened Almonds

Sweetened almonds come in stunning pastel hues to supplement parties. These almonds are simmered marginally, and afterward secured in a brilliant sugar-coating – white or brown. These simmered almonds are wrapped in an additional fine ivory-shaded sugar-coating.  Sugar coated almonds are a flavourful treat that will place you in the occasion soul.  Certain almonds have a sweetening up that will add gloss to your exceptional event. The almonds are covered in smooth milk chocolate and afterward completed with a white shining sweet shell wrapped in candy bar wrappers. 

Different flavours in sugar blended almonds 

Cinnamon Almonds: almonds coated in the ideal mix of cinnamon, rich vanilla, and sugar for a sweet and crunchy flavour is a decision when just the crunchiest treat is fancied. Your husband will love it. Your kids will also fall in love with them. You are going to love it seeing them satiated.

Honey Almonds: They are dry cooked to in an immaculate mix of sweet honey and sugar for a fresh and crunchy flavour is an ideal choice for those who seek a smooth and crunchy treat. Celebrate your function with honey almonds. 

Cranberry and honey Almonds: Dry simmered almonds in honey and cranberry is the ideal mix of actually dried cranberries, making a Crunchy sensation. A formula intended for the genuine gourmet.

Chocolate Almonds: What's more impeccable than chocolate and extensive almonds? Tantalize your buds with vigorously covered almonds in rich chocolate and sugar. 

Chocolate and coconut: Almonds with a pinch of coconut flavours can also be marked on selling board. 

Lavender almonds: Who knew lavender could taste so incredible. Lavender almonds will highlight the tastefulness of your uncommon event. These almonds are cooked and covered in additional fine lavender sugar-coating. 

Make sweet almonds at your home-

They are very easy to make at home, all you need is almonds, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 tbsp. cinnamon and 1/4 container water. There is no reason you can’t make them at home and take them to the game. Store them. In a pot consolidate the sugar, cinnamon and water over medium-high warmth until the sugar has de-crystallized. Include the almonds and stir with a spoon or spatula, covering the almonds with the syrupy blend.  Continue mixing until the sugar takes shape (this takes around 8-10 minutes). Let the cinnamon almonds cool for a couple of minutes before serving.  


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