Switch To These Fabulous Trends for The Heavenly Wedding 

Switch To These Fabulous Trends for The Heavenly Wedding

Most important things for a grand wedding is wedding gowns and wedding shoes, with these trending fashions there are lots of collection available in many of the online sites with many choice of patterns and styles. Bridal shoes are available in wide range and can be easily chosen according to bride’s choice. Grooms shoes are also available in many online stores in different styles and leathers. Most trending patterns of bridal shoes available are,



  • White shoes and ivory shoes are mostly preferred for wedding.
  • Sparkling shoes are preferred for evening wedding event to steel the look.
  • Wedge and platform shoes are preferred for comfort and ease throughout the wedding event.
  • Lace and strappy wedding shoes are preferred according to their outfit style.
  • Coloured wedding shoes are also available and preferred by some brides according to their choice, and are available in red, blue, pink, purple colours etc.
  • Gold and silver wedding shoes are also available.
  • Shoes which can be coloured are also available in many of the online stores.
  • Even customised shoes are available, if bride can put effort on designing her own wedding shoes.



Bridesmaid shoes are also available in wide range at affordable prices, and can be selected on the basis of bridesmaid outfit and colour of the outfit. following patterns are available in pocket-friendly and good quality styles:-



  • Lace shoes, flat wedges, pump shoes; sandals, strappy platform shoes etc. are mainly chosen for bridesmaid.

Wedding shoes for groom

Wedding is the special day for groom too, to reflect his personality in front of the bride, Groom shoes should be selected on the basis of following characteristics,like- colour, size, quality of the leather, sole, heal of the shoe, comfort of the fitting, stitching, brand etc. by keeping these things in mind groom can choose best and perfect shoes to look best in front of the bride.

It’s a big day to groom’s mother too

Wedding of her son is very important for groom’s mother as well, and she also tries to look gorgeous on her son’s wedding. There are latest trends and many garments available for grooms mother dresses which should be selected based on her personal choice. Some prefer knee-length or A-line, whilst some prefer floral designs or deep colour choices for morning weddings. If the wedding is planned for the late evening, shimmering or glitzy dresses would be an apt choice. For such late evening suite, groom mother dresses, long sleeves give an elegant look for the bride’s mother. Light coloured dresses are the preferred choice for such timings.

Get the latest trends to plan for the perfect wedding

One of the preferred choices for the bridal party to identify the contemporary trends is bridal magazines. Such wedding magazines publish recently launched designer bridal dresses collection, suggestions for the right fit based on the wedding venue and timing. One of the premium features of the bridal magazines is their coverage of celebritie’s marriages which provide classy and innovative wedding ideas. Such ideas can trigger a lot of options for the bridal party and make sure the décor and dresses are both trendy and unique. Another economical option of accessing such information are the free wedding magazines which are freely accessible mostly online but provide most of the features provided by subscription-bases bridal magazines.


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