Tag your Brother- The Duties of Brother During the Sister Wedding 

Tag your Brother- The Duties of Brother During the Sister Wedding

The entire backup of the family, where the brother seems not less than the back bone of the family, being able to deliver the duties, in addition to the one of the greatest emotional support to the sister. She relies on the brother for everything she wants. Besides, the brother guarantees his endless love and care through every thick and thins of the life. In addition, all the messy breakups and make ups of the bride life are always supported by him. Being a good friend, he not only stands with her in every thick and thin of the life, but also, remains most loyal beside the partner, which actually completes the bride. 

Every member of the family has its specific roles to perform, but the brother’s duties are most important in the bridal party.

The best brother deserves to know his to do list-

1. If you are an elder brother, then buy her the most kick-ass gift ever she wanted regardless of the cost.

2. Be the only driver of your sister during umpteen shopping trips, parlor appointments, vendor meetings and parties.

3. The brother is the real voice of the sister. She can speak and want whatever, by the support of the brother. The silly arguments are always overcome by the brother. If she wants particular kind of the songs or venue or anything related to, then brother is the one who is supposed to get all these stuffs for her. He actually fights for it and becomes the best crying shoulder for her when she needs friend.

4. To take care of all the aspects, especially pre-preps during the wedding- is wedding arch put up? Has the alcohol been delivered?

5. To keep an eye and remain in touch with pandit ji, whether he is coming on time?

6. Holding the phoolon ki chaddar- this function of the brother cannot be taken by anybody else. The brother along with friends and the siblings, take an extreme of the pride in bringing the sister and helps in walking down the aisle or the mandap. 

7. The brother scores maximum here, where the groom family is welcomed and the ritual of washing the feet of the groom, along with the application of the tilak. 

8. if your sister is going for the destination wedding, then it become the duty of the brother to go one day in advance there to check all the arrangements.

9. To double check all the favorite songs of the sister, if they are on the playlist for the ladies sangeet or the cocktail night.

10. Re-confirmation with all the vendors like- videographers, photographers, DJs and to make sure if they are coming on the time?

11. To help young cousin sisters, who are actually too shy to walk to the bar, by managing all the cha-chas and assisting the sisters by working like the bartender.

12.  The bride and groom , take special care of the brother when he lovingly assert that her sister is the one of the best in the world , you have to take full care of her , the brother here pulls the ear of the groom, an Hindu ritual – to warn him to take care of the sister.

13. He never back forth’s in helping the sisters to rob the groom’s shoes. He hatches a perfect plan.

14.  The brother – seems most strong, tears during the doli or vidaae and carries the doli and helps her walking down to the car. 

15. Being the point of contact for all the bride’s friends – your parents will have relatives badgering them already.

16. To express the happiness of your sister wedding by dancing your ass off during cock tail or sangeet night. After all, your sister gets married just once.

17. Never forget to plan the pre wedding dinner with her, to spare some precious moments with her to express your gratitude for her love, in addition the letter or video that you would show to convey your feelings, that how much you would miss her after the wedding.

18.  To take your brother –in-law out for the drink before the wedding and gossiping about all the Goss about your sister (the good gossips only) and be her right hand throughout the wedding.

Most important, be with her! Weddings are scary at times given the huge transition for the girl. Most brothers miss the actual wedding ceremony because of something going wrong in some party of the venue- but we suggest that you skip everything and be there at the altar or mandap when your sister gets married. Nothing is worth missing this moment for!


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