Taking Care of Your Wedding Rings 

Taking Care of Your Wedding Rings

It took you a lifetime, yet you at last found the ideal partner. Husband? No, really we're discussing your wedding band. Gracious, beyond any doubt, there are several books and articles on the best way to take care of your better half, yet shouldn't something be said about your ring? It's so gleaming, so sparkly, so splendid - the exact opposite thing you'd ever need to do is scratch it, chip it, gunk it up or thump it free from its setting. Revulsions, you're considering. You would never want your dearest ring meet with such destiny. All in all, how would you nurture such a valuable image of your adoration? 

Take It Off. 

Trust it or not, watching over your ring every so often implies taking it off, for example, amid the accompanying exercises: 

  • Playing sports. Holding a tennis racket firmly is especially not useful for a wedding ring which has stones going the distance around - particularly in case you're left-handed. Taking your ring to the recreational centre, lifting weights with it on can likewise be risky. You wouldn't need a 25-pound dumbbell touching your stone. 

  • Gardening. It is conceivable to chip your precious stone or thump the setting free while doing substantial yard work. 

  • Cleaning house. Unforgiving synthetic cleansers or chemicals can spoil the ring. It's additionally a smart thought not to wear your ring while doing the dishes. 


In the event that you'll be taking your ring off to do the exercises above, ensure you have a safe - and paramount - spot to put it. Precious stones ought to be put away in their own particular separate box, pocket or gems compartment in light of the fact that they can scratch other adornments. 

Keep It Free From Lotion, Sunscreen And Perfume. 

These items can gunk up your jewel, and even engraving hued gemstones. It's a smart thought to remove your ring off before you put any of these things on. 

Have Your Setting Checked Regularly. 

Most gem specialists prescribe you have your setting checked like clockwork to ensure the stone hasn't been thumped free, particularly on the off chance that it is especially expansive. 

Try not to swim in the Ocean. 

Cool water might contract your fingers sufficiently only to relax the ring from your finger, and in the event that you lose it in the dark blue ocean, you won't be seeing it once more. On the off chance that you should, you might swim in a swimming pool with your ring - at any rate the pool can be drained on the off chance that it slips off your finger. Note, on the other hand, that while platinum can withstand essentially any concoction, specialists encourage not uncovering gold or silver rings to the unforgiving chemicals found in swimming pools and spas - the groups can turn out to be seriously stained after some time. 

Be Careful In the Kitchen. 

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