Taking Flight for Honeymoon? Follow These Tips to Look Gorgeous in Your Flight and After 

Taking Flight for Honeymoon? Follow These Tips to Look Gorgeous in Your Flight and After

It’s the beginning of your post wedding trip in which you are planning to travel by plane.  We are providing you with the essential tips to help you look effortlessly gorgeous on the plane, after that in the car or whatever the vehicle you choose to go for, and ensure the celebrity style photos that look absolutely gorgeous.

Maintain natural hair texture- Don’t work against- the curls must be maintained by curl defining cream. Don’t try to make them straight. These creams create frizz free curls that may be envious to the girls. Some people do have wavy locks. For this kind of Girls Sea salt spray is the best option to go for. It would revitalize your hairs. The super flat hairs must be armed by dry shampoo in case it gets oily at the root, which would also keep your hair from falling flat.

Have hair ties in case of emergencies- when your hairs don’t cooperate, then cute chic ties are available in the market. As their appearance is quite similar with the bracelets, you can just stick one on your wrist and use it to put up your hair in chic topknot.

Keep your hairs over moisturize than under moisturize- As, air leads to dehydration, keep your favorite lotion and bring hydrating lotion products for you. There are mists available in the market, like as- Artic face mist which keeps the make-up sticking and does not remove it. The main constituents of which includes- lot of vitamins and has profound cooling effect upon contact. Besides mist, there are hydro cool firming eye gels available, you just need to p[ut them under the eye to have the puffiness and the dark circles. The shinning hairs, can be treated with oil blotting papers with you.

Do light makeup, stick to the basics- Be make-up wise. While you are travelling via plane, then less is even more. Just simplify your makeup routine. Use light foundation. The dewy foundation works best with your skin. Its main benefit is, it does not get cake-y if you reapply it, and then just use sheer pink lipstick, an eye brow pencil and one coat of mascara. In case of the lips, if get dry, use lip balm or any good flavored, aromatic hydra bam, which adds a nice sheen and smells really excellent.  

Have your own food- always remember to bring cut up fruits and veggies with you, as the salty snacks offered on the plane just add bloat. For delicious sweets, pack up and have sufficient stock of kind bars that contain protein too.

Stock up water too- this idea of loading the huge glass of aqua seems boring. But to keep your complexion hydrated, it’s mandatory rather. In addition, have few bags of green teas along with you and the hot water which you require can be taken from the plane itself. It contains anti-inflammatory benefits that will ensure redness is kept at bay during your travels. Oh, and do we need to tell you to stay away from super-drying alcohol? (But if you just can't, at least try to chug water in between glasses of wine, ok?)

Plan strongly your airport outfits- you need not sacrifice your comfort. Also, pre plan your airport outfits. Think of wearing some special pants like as- black knit pixie pants, black light wear sweater, ballet flats and a pashmina.

Use daytime and night time scents- As the romantic occasion of honeymoon is there. The scents make a huge difference. You cannot underestimate the power of scents- so luxe!


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