Tamil Marriage Astrology 

Tamil Marriage Astrology

Tamil Vedic Astrology is a learning which tells us that respect deeply rooted among the heavenly bodies and humans. Since ancient time, folks have struggled to understand the mysterious relationship between humans and celestial figures. According to Tamil Astrology, we are all sent on this mother earth for some specific reason; to perform a specific task. It says every work is specifically designed for each person which is non-transferable. The Planets, the Moon, the Sun and the galaxy of stars give us energy which joins us via unseen strings. These supernatural strings work as transmitters for communication. Astrology translates the note pre-set or encrypted by the heavenly bodies. So, in a way, the understanding of Tamil Astrology will be able to bridge the gap between the Milky Way and us, as it will be easy to form the connection between both.  


A cure for inquisitiveness - Tamil Astrology


Our curiosity in almost everything makes us distinct from other animals of this earth. An example of it is that we are always eager to know the result before even starting anything. Patience is something which is thought to be our quality, but we often lose it while watching a review or a cricket, our level of anticipation and expectancy reduces our capability to tolerantly wait for the outcome.

Jyotish in Delhi

Mangal Bhavan

Our life is like a motion picture, created and directed by God. Astrology is nothing but the script which comprises of the particulars of our role on this earth, and we are of course the performers. Hence, we need to learn the script in order to give a good presentation. We must have the capacity to capture the essence of life and connect to it from our mind and soul. It becomes easy if we have the in-depth knowledge of astrology.


Rasi Palangal / Rasi Palan 


As per the Astrological study, in Tamil Astrology also the sky is divided into 12 segments which are known as Rasi or Zodiac signs. It is basically the science in which we study the orientation of planets in the universe and their impact on individual’s life. It is believed that these Graha (Planets) emit energies that affect our lives every day.


Each individual has Rasi Palan / Horoscope compatibility. The various aspects of our lives are detected by these Rasi Palan. It speaks of our health, love, children, property, life partner and career etc. Kuja (Mars), Chandra, Surya and the location of all the other planets in Vedic astrology plays a major role in deciding the outcomes in our life.



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