Tasting Wedding Cakes for Getting Them Booked 

Tasting Wedding Cakes for Getting Them Booked

Arranging for the perfect wedding cake may not be the top priority of the bride and the groom when making arrangements for the wedding. But, these cakes are an important part of every wedding reception party and therefore, it is important that the marrying couple should take out a little time and engage in comprehensive cake tasting, so that they are able to pick the best cake for their wedding. 

Some of the points which a couple must keep in mind when booking a wedding cake are as follows:

Cake Design

Gone are the days when the design of the wedding cakes was restricted to a round three or four tier cake. Today, there is numerous wedding cake designs which the bakers offer to their clients. The design of the cake can even be customized by the baker to match the theme of the wedding. Therefore, the bride and the groom should take the time to meet the baker, explain their wedding theme and style to him or her and accordingly get the design for the cake finalized. 

Cost Of The Cake

Everything in a wedding should be done as per the planned budget for the wedding. Even when finalizing the wedding cake, the budget kept aside for this purpose should be kept in mind and accordingly a cake which falls within this budget should be selected. 

Cake Size

There would be a designated table and space where the cake cutting ceremony would be held during the wedding reception, you need to make sure that the size of the cake is such that it fits perfectly in the available space. Sometimes, the marrying couples, in their enthusiasm, order a very high cake, and on the final day this cake is not able to fit on the table meant for it and this spoils the entire cake cutting ceremony. Therefore, when visiting the baker for cake tasting, take along the measurement of the table on which the cake would be placed, and according all the discussions with the design and size of the cake should be done. 

Choose Your Favourite Flavour

Besides the traditional cake flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc., the bakers today offer many new flavours. You can try these new flavours, which are being offered and pick the one you like the best. Do not try to pick a flavour which you think others will like. It is always safer to opt for a flavour which you have tasted and liked personally, rather than assume that a particular flavour might be able to impress others. 

Choose Frosting As Per Weather Conditions

The frosting on the cake is one of the most important parts of a cake. If this frosting does not taste as well as look good, the cake would never appeal to anyone. Besides this, the frosting is the first thing in a cake which gets spoiled. Hence, depending on the weather conditions and the place where the cake cutting ceremony will take place, the frost should be chosen, for example, choosing a whipped cream frosting for a summer wedding, might prove to be a really bad decision. 


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