Tea Favors for the Guests Attending the Wedding 

Tea Favors for the Guests Attending the Wedding

The wedding favors which are unique and share the most, memorable qualities are not in scarce. The ultimate tea collection is the terrific way of saying thank you to be shared on the special day. We know that tea is the second best beverage to be taken than water, which is the first liquid. The tastefully designed personalized tea bags are right idea in syn with current consumer tastes and provide the wife and husband with newer alternatives to traditional wedding favors. In addition, allow your guests to relish a warm, relaxing cup of tea while reminiscing about your wedding. 

the wedding favors, given in the form of rich bags of tea provide the traditional blend of black tea, wrapped in the beautiful white gloss foil envelope (3”L x 2.5” w) of flavor and freshness and dressed up with these adorable personalized labels for extra super touch. 

The designs usually are personalized with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and a special message can be monogrammed

Sancha tea boutique- which is old and traditional providing contemporary approach for the wedding favors. Since we specialize in the exotic tea favors, the gifts wraps provide with extra special items, which are designed and personalized in the special interest of the wedding guests attending the wedding. In addition to this, the tea party favor gift bags, instant flavoured tea, personalized wedding tea bags which are some of the items which provide the exclusive range of the elegant gift favors. The personalized silhouette tea bag favors, whole leaf tea sachet favors are the newer additions. The heart shaped tea infusers are known for their best shape and aroma. The freshness of them fills the body and enriches the mind with the natural aroma. The premium tea wedding favors are available in the blend of taste and flavors, which are carefully sourced for the best ingredients in the planet. If you are looking for door gifts then prefer our teabags. The chamomile, lychee martini, oolong blossoms and jasmine’s special flavours are most encouraging and palatable.  


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