Ten Unique Bombonieres Ideas 

Ten Unique Bombonieres Ideas

Weddings guests help in making your wedding day really special. If these guests had not taken out time from their busy schedule to attend your wedding, then your wedding would never have turned out to be as special as you had planned and wanted it to be. Therefore, it is important for the bride and the groom to thank each and every guest personally and in a really special way for helping in making their special day so wonderful. Distributing good bomboneires is a perfect way of saying thank you to the wedding guests. 

Just like everything else at your wedding, you need to spend time and put in a lot of thought into choosing the perfect favors, which you can give to your guests. You need to come up with some unique ideas for these bombonieres, as the guests will remember your wedding through these favors only. Some really interesting ideas for these favors have been discussed below:

Special Oils   

Oils are not just widely cosmetic products, but they also have a special place in our traditions. During the wedding ceremonies, many oils like olive oil, rosemary oil, etc., are used for performing various rituals. Packing these oils in specially designed bottled, with the name of the bride and the groom and the wedding date printed on it, and gifting the same to your guests can make a perfect idea for a wedding favor. 

Personalized Towel Sets

Tea towels are something that everyone uses. Therefore, gifting these towels makes a very practical choice for a favor. However, simply picking up these towels from the market and presenting them to your guests, may appear to be a little out of taste, and therefore, you need to get these towels personalized with the names of each guest and thus, make these standard towels really special. 

Garden Pots

Flowers are a perfect way of expressing all emotions, including the feeling of gratitude. Therefore, presenting each guest with a flower cuts placed in beautiful china tea cups and decorated with beautiful ribbons, show your gratitude towards the guests for attending your wedding and thus make a great idea for a wedding favor. 


Decorative candles are yet another great idea for wedding favors. These candles can be personalized to make them even more special. 

Flower Seeds

 If you are a nature lover, then one gift idea, which would reflect your personality and at the same time make a great gift, is to present your guests with a bag of seeds of sunflower or chili plant.

Bean Bags

You can make custom bags of fresh coffee beans and present them all your guests. These coffee bags are not a good idea for favor, but a very practical one as well. 

Gift Of Words

Nothing can make your guests feel more special than some special words that you might say just for them. Therefore, you can write short poems for your guests and get them printed on special cards and present these cards with the poems to your guests as wedding favors.


If you are planning an outdoor wedding during the summer season, then giving all your guests with sunglasses to use during the ceremony can be a good idea. 

Children Gifts



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