The Beauty Of Indian Brides - A Cultural Look 

The Beauty Of Indian Brides - A Cultural Look

A wedding is one of the grandest events in the life of girl, and as a mark to this occasion, bridal sarees play a key role. Indian weddings are beautiful and lavish due to its cultural diverse.  Though red colored Indian sarees for the bride may have traditionally been the most popular, traditional and cultural with changing fashion trends, several others colors like blue, green and pink have been increasingly found their way into the Indian bride’s wedding as a trousseau. Let us explore the fascinating journey of exploring the magnificent traditional Indian sarees that every bride must have as a trousseau.

  • Alluring Bandhani: Bandhani, among the most fascinating and mysteriously attractive enchanting bridal sarees, also known as bandhej are from Rajasthan and Gujarat. These are tie and dyed bridal sarees available in multiple of colors and plethora styles. Bandhani sarees perfectly reflect you stupendously in the festive culture. The looks are even more majestic when you choose upon traditional red, yellow, green or modern pastel color shades of pink. These bridal sarees in Indian wedding attract nice attention and make you steal compliments for your ravishing look.

  • Banarasi Saree: Undoubtedly originating from Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are most exquisite and beautiful choice in Indian wedding that are woven in India. There are ornate elaborately with a heavy brocade work and intricate zari work that are woven onto heavy gauge silk. Banarasi sarees are popular among bridal sarees introduce in India since the Mughal Empire. The soft woven floral patterns, architectural designs or animals in gold, silver or even multicolor threads embellish the wedding when chosen for the bride trousseau.

  • Kerala Saree or Mundum Neriyathum: It is being originated from the southernmost state of Kerala, and is among the adorned, simple elegant bridal sarees is usually white or cream in color woven with golden threads onto its borders. The Mundum Neriyathum Indian wedding sarees comes in two piece set where Mundum is used in the bottom half of the Saree and the Neriyathum is the pallu part that is draped around the upper half of the Saree. It is usually made up of cotton and is very attractive and comfortable when it comes on beautiful Indian wedding dress of bride. The more complimenting feature about its design is that the pallu usually carries elaborate Kerala mural painting.

  • Venkatgiri Saree: The beautiful Venkatgiri bridal Saree originates from the state of Maharashtra. It is usually common among Indian wedding dress because of its light weight and crispy mix of cotton and silk which embellish a shiny looks finish to it. These sarees are woven in a close knot gauge with attractive golden zari borders which perfectly drapes around the body for a sophisticated and light look. The pallu of bride embellishes because of unadorned golden zari designs or heavy ornate zari embroidery depending upon the price range. The Saree is traditionally common as a bride trousseau as it was patronized by Nellore’s Velungoti dynasty. 

  • Kota Doria Saree: Kota Doria Saree is embellishes Rajasthan’s weather. This net Saree is light weighted and perfect bridal Indian wedding dress for hot and dry climate. The original Kota handloom sarees complements pride of bride and stand among best choice in marriage.                     


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