The Best Wedding Shoes for Your Unique Wedding Bridal Dress 

The Best Wedding Shoes for Your Unique Wedding Bridal Dress

Wedding is such an event that has plenty to do on the dream list but your wedding shoes can really act to make or break your day on the compliment you get. If you pick up a pair of wedding shoes that’s uncomfortable, downright painful or unflattering then there’s no way to act sorry. If you take upon the tips for below bridal shoes to heart you will be keeping your feet happy, accentuate you style and you will steal the compliments of others. The bridal shoe is the ultimate place to play upon the big day and the perfect option to combine your wedding bridal dress and your personal style. But here are few important things that cannot be ignored and you go off wearing studded and spiked heels with all too easy rip lace gown bridal dress.

The wedding shoes you choose for your wedding day reflects your personal style, wedding décor and coordinate with your dress and color statement.

Selecting your perfect shoe: You should consider particularly three things when selecting your wedding shoes: The wedding theme or style, the comfort and finally the budget. Choosing your wedding bridal shoes becomes much easier when you follow up the classification discussed below.

  • Flats and Wedges: Flats are the shoes that are typically not having high heels. A common style is the ballet flats which are closed toe flats shoes that are worn by ballet dancers. Flats serve an opportunity to look feminine and chic without adding height while wedges are the shoes with high heels that extend from the back to the ball of the shoe, lying flat on the ground. 

  • Open toe shoes: Open toe bridal shoes are usually covered shoes with the toe part visible. Peep toe bridal shoes are the open toe shoes where the openings are much narrow than the usual one. Open toe bridal shoes are easily available in all styles, heights and heel widths. They can be closed back, but always show a peak of your pedicure.

  • Closed toe shoes: Closed toe shoes are which in which the toe is covered. They are available in all heights heel widths and styles. Pumps are common style of the closed toe shoes which are characterized by a medium or high heel. Pumps are completely enclosed.

  • High sandals: These are very much exposed bridal shoes which show a lot of the feet part especially the side. Most of these shoes come with open backs and open toe but a few have closed toe as well.

  • Sling back shoes: Sling back bridal shoes are the backless shoes that are held in the place with a strap at the back of the foot. The strap is usually elastic or buckled for adjustment. The straps could be either behind the heel or ankle. Straps can be either elastic or adjustable with a belt buckle closures.

  • Boots:  Boots are that which cover the entire foot and extends to the height of the ankle bone or as high as the thigh. Mid length and the ankle boots are the most common for wedding. They are very much comfortable and come in a wide range of styles.   


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