The Biggest Photography Mistakes Bride and Grooms Make 

The Biggest Photography Mistakes Bride and Grooms Make

The photographers who capture your wedding for eternity have lot running in their minds and more often they are not able to relay it to the bride and groom or the suggestions just fall on deaf ears in all the mayhems.  Let’s discuss some of the real photography mistakes that bride and groom make-

- First Mistake - not allocating / assigning adequate time

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE is having lack of time for the portraits of the couple and the family. These portraits are not for the short term, and actually are the memories for the life time. Why to regret after the wedding? Photographers keep reminding and sending the requests that seem like falling on the deaf ears. All couples must understand the real importance of these pictures. 

Solution- spare special time for your portrait pic and determine the cuteness of your pic.

- Second Mistake- issues pertaining makeup 

The makeup is really important as it cannot be altered or modified in all the pics. The real fact is that the makeup can either make Ur image or break it. No makeup should be done under artificial light.

Solution- brides must prefer getting their makeup done in the natural light to become aware of the natural beauty rather in the artificial light to look awkward. 

- Third Mistake - décor, hampering the photography 

Many times, the stage décor pose a serious problem, whereby the different colour like as the shades of yellow and red colors, which are used for rooftops reflect decoration light, which falls on the couple on stage directly and most of the pictures get a hue of yellow or red. Basically, natural skin tone is lost.

Solution- you need to seriously consult with the photographer so that he can guide you appropriately.

- Mistake- fourth- too many cooks, spoil the broth

Being over conscious for the wedding photographs, we sometime hire more than one wedding photographer. Even more of the cinematographers are booked. The interference leads to loss of some gorgeous shots. It may hamper the pics quality. 

In actual practice, less is more, which can ensure good audio video coverage. During the pheras, the actual quality is hindered due to lack of proper space.

The perfect solution is to have a single well coordinated team to capture the best moments without interference.

- Fifth mistake- issues pertaining light

Taking into consideration of the lightening is as important as the other aspects. Lots of planning are put forward, but couple generally forget to or ignore the lightening aspect. Appropriate light is essential as inappropriate lighting can deal a serious blow to final output. Always avoid high intensity LEDs and keep warm ambient lighting for most functions. 

- Unrealistic expressions

The bride and groom have some desires for the pictures to be taken for the marriage. But actually the things vary as per the wedding outfit, make up, location and from the photography point of view. We can’t compare it with the others wedding or even can’t pressurize the photographer for the same. Try as much as possible to have the super cute pics of your own expressions. 


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