The Challenges of Long Distance Engagements 

The Challenges of Long Distance Engagements

Long distance relationships means when love is put on hold. It is not easy to survive a long distance engagement until you are not deeply committed to the relationship. In order to make long distance engagements work, both the partners need to put in great amount of love, feelings, emotions, commitment and to some extent expenses. Long distance relationships are not the same as the ordinary relationships which the couples usually have; these are very difficult and test the commitment and patience levels of both the partners. It comes with intense strains and might end up couple going for relationship counseling.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
In a long distance engagement the couples are put to the difficulties of time and distance which act as the major barriers. For the couples living together, there are several opportunities to connect, to touch, to reassure, to have sex, to have long conversations, etc., every single day. On the other hand, the couples in the long distance relationship need to take efforts to find time to make a phone call, to send an email or a message or to stay in contact with each other. This cuts short their time of interaction to a drastic level.

The couples living together share common friends make references about each other while talking to the third person and therefore both the partners remain visible to the people around them. However, in the case of long distance relationship couples, the people around them don’t get to see the couple together, neither physically nor in conversations. This results in weakening of their relationship.

Feeling of Jealousy 
Jealousy is a natural feeling of fear of losing the person we love. It makes the person feel insecure. This feeling must be conveyed to your partner in the right manner. Long distance relationship makes the person insecure about his or her partner. This might sometimes give birth to the feeling of jealousy.

Difficult to Deal with Fights when in Long Distance Relationship
Fights are very normal in a couples’ relationship. However, the fights become more stressful and traumatic when the couples are staying apart. Due to the distance and time constraints, the couples do not get sufficient opportunities to settle their foes. This might lead to depression and agony for both.

Missing Each Other Terribly
The dating partners tend to feel lonely when away from each other. They miss spending time in each other’s company. They miss the touch of each other. The long distance couples must try to involve themselves in enjoyable activities during their free time so that they do not miss each other terribly. 

Communication Gap
Distance and time restraints bring communication gap between the lovers. The lack of communication is the major reason of all the fights, arguments and misunderstandings between the couple. The expectations from each other increase in long distance relationship. The negativities develop due to the tension in the air which might create more misunderstandings between the engagement couple.


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