The Diverse Customs of South Indian Wedding 

The Diverse Customs of South Indian Wedding

Wedding or marriage is a confidential, faithful or intimate initiative taken for the goodness of two people to live their live together tied with an imperishable bond of love, desire, a strong feeling of affection towards each other, fondness, tenderness warmth, intimacy and most importantly the attachment towards each other. Basically it is assumed that the union by wedding comes from the hand of god but legally as per the law abiding agreement it gives the legal permission to the two couple to live together and expand their family by giving birth to new guests in the family.

Rich heritage of Indian wedding customs:

India is a country of diverse culture and tradition especially in terms of wedding. With the numerous numbers of Indian wedding customs and tradition of formal and mutual acceptance of each other in life serve and proves to an important part of wedding as inherited from generation to generation. The auspicious and pure moment of time often known as muhurta is an important ritual or tradition in Indian marriages. 

South Indian wedding customs, traditions and rituals:

As already discussed the importance of culture, traditions and customs in the Indian marriages, which hold a great importance every part of India has variety of customs in wedding that are followed differently from place to place. South Indian wedding customs are embellished with variety of rituals and customs too; some of them are discussed below:

  • Mangala snan: The couple, bride and groom are requested to take a bath in their respective homes order to clear, cleanse and purify them from negative aspects and evil eyes and make them physically and mentally prepared and ready for the happening of sacred wedding rituals and customs in the decided muhurta.

  • Ganpati/ Ganesha and Gauri Puja: In this aspect of wedding God Ganesha and Goddess Gauri is being worshipped for the positive and goodness of marriage as God Ganesha being the remover of the negative obstacles. The Puja is organized by the Panditji in the house itself in the presence of all the senior and elder members of family before the happening of starting the actual Indian wedding rituals and customs.

  • Vratham: The south Indian wedding ceremony is comprised of the ritual, Vratham which is performed individually by each couple and in this aspect the bride ties a holy sacred thread on her wrist called kappu which signifies to deflect all evil spirits and negative energy. The groom worships Agni, Indra, and Soma as a holy ritual in order to start up with the new life with the unbreakable bond of wedding. 

  • Kashi Yatra: It is the most important aspect in the south Indian wedding that is generally practiced for the development of mutual respect and understanding between the couple


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