The Funny Cliches During Wedding 

The Funny Cliches During Wedding

The weddings are sometimes unusual phenomenon when it turns from funny to unusually awkward. Many unexpected things happen that make the glorious occasion quite sad and funny at the same time. Besides, love, the laughter and the tears fill the emotions and become the part of practical expressions of happiness and sadness of the relatives and the parents. Many things go wrong. Let’s have the glance on the top wedding clichés- 

1. Unnecessary advice from the Bitchy aunties- really uff to these Aunties, which rather pretend to belong from your family and provide tons of free advice on how to deal your husband and to deal with the family. Moreover, they keep on predicting that which things can go wrong in the wedding. The advice on the color or the kind of sarree to be worn on wedding seems to be their special duty. 

2. Giggles and the bunches of giggling cousins in the corners- the gang of teenagers keep on laughing lightly and repeatedly in a silly way from amusement , nervousness or embarrassment. They prefer moving in lots and keep on flirting all the ways. They all giggle a lot and take advantage of the freedom which their parents give them. In addition, they click lots of pictures and of course enjoy the moments.

3. The lot of let’s make you fairer people- The advices from the beautician regarding making you super Gori – the fairer bride are obvious. Every women and the girl of the program would let you reveal about the cream to become gori and would suggest you to bath in haldi.

4. Big Bhukkads- don’t get panick on listening..!! This is wedding occasion. The charm for eating the cuisines goes well all around. The guys/ gals can be spotted polishing off all the delicious snacks. If you see their plates, you say their hunger strike is over. They would try to appoint one waiter for you all ASAP.

5. The hundred times crying aunts and making you weep along with- the weeping eyes of the aunts and the relatives, regarding you, that you are leaving your home forever. They would make you super cry and would spoil your make up too. The best solution is to use the water proof make up, so that in case you cry, you would not get your make up spoiled. The rivers of cry make you vulnerable. The drama seems funny sometimes.

6. Marriage jokes- about the scaring effects of doing the Shaddi- the shaddi ka ladoo, if you eat you would repent, if don’t eat, would repent even. The jokes make groom feel as if he has been forced to get marry. The stupid wedding jokes from the watsapp are another scary lols. You would get lots of these friends.

7. The over drunk uncles-grooving aimlessly- The embarrassing moments don’t end up here. The old calm uncle from the Jhansi will become kanye. He would drink heavily and then would dance the night away. The aunty who is forever grumpy will suddenly jump up and become Beyonce. Thank god, she doesn’t know twerking. A dance or dance move involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance: between flaunting their curves and doing a little twerk here and there.

8. Groomsmen – dancing and falling- the over drunk one- There will be at least one friend from your or your hubby’s side who will be more than a little ‘high’ at the wedding. He might trip and fall at that wire of the video cam, dance on top of the table or start taking over the DJ console.

9. The Dying grandma- threatening and advising- the awkward sex advice follows in louder volumes and the grandma threatens to die any moment if the couple does not take the suhaag raat- to procreate the night of wedding itself. 

10. The upstaging and sauntering Guests- these girls or wed brides wear all the jewelry and their sole mission is to upstage the bride. Unless you know beforehand that a cousin is going to wear the same color as you, politely ask her if she can switch outfits with some other function. It’s your day after all!


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