The Indian Weddings and the Funny Factors 

The Indian Weddings and the Funny Factors

Weddings are always special but sometimes the guest in them makes it more special and funny by their presence. Like any other wedding Indian wedding is also special for the sacred rituals, food, entertaining dance but what they are more special for is the attractive personalities that make these weddings more special and funny. If you have already been to an Indian wedding then you very much know that you can never get enough of them. 

Dancers and drinkers

The funniest kinds of people you find at Indian weddings are the crowd puller. Yes these are the people who just invite everyone on the dance floor but if anybody rejects them they got guts to drag them on the dance floor and make them dance. Although these seem to be dangerous species they are the most entertaining and funniest. They exactly know how to shift the environment to the best with mass dancing.

The next funniest kinds of people you find at Indian weddings are the drunkards. Yes wedding and no drinks will just make them head to toe. And before you know they are on the dance floor sharing the drink with people there and the floor too. They are good till under control but they hell sure entertain you. Then there are kids who have dance moves for any song you play. They even know how to move on a funeral song. They will for sure entertain you and they will surely top the funniest list ever.

The foodies

The next one to top the list of the funniest kinds of people you find at the Indian wedding is the one with plate every time you see. These people are just at the wedding to fill their stomach with at least a ton of food. They are sure and ensure to try every snacks, food and desert in a row and then repeat this whole cycle once they complete it. They only eat till they are here in wedding and make sure to eat at least to save their home food for a week. They are the one who never miss any food stall. They even drink water twice if there are two water coolers kept. 

The chatterboxes

The next to this foodie class are the chatters. Yes they surely make a place in the funniest kinds of people you find at Indian weddings. No matter what is happening they are sure to collect every detail of every person you have ever met. They are so much involved in everyone


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