The Innovative Black and White Pre Wedding Photoshoot What Every Couple Dreamed Of 

The Innovative Black and White Pre Wedding Photoshoot What Every Couple Dreamed Of

Indian weddings are associated with a lot of color and lights, and hence to think about black and white wedding photographs may sound a little strange. However, someone great had once said, when you click a colored picture, you capture the clothes of the person, but when you click a black and white photograph, you capture the soul of the person. Thus, a few black and white photographs of the wedding couple by a top candid wedding photographer would be the perfect representation of the relationship and the love between the bride and the groom.


Pre Wedding Photos

Any photographer would assemble your colored pre wedding photos with the photos of the wedding ceremony and give you a standard wedding album. However, if you want to make your pre marriage photos and the wedding album truly special, you need to throw in a few black and white pictures as well. For all those who still have doubts about the return of the black and white photography trend, below are a few reasons, which will surely convince them to include the same in their wedding album:


Capturing the True Emotions During A Pre Wedding Photoshoot

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When you look at a black and white picture, it almost feels like it is speaking to you. The way these pictures depict the emotions of the moment captured in the frame is just amazing. The thing with these black and white pictures is that with all the colors gone, there is nothing to distract the attention of the looker, and hence, when seeing these pictures of a cinematic wedding, one is able to focus solely on the expressions of the people in the pictures, thereby allowing you to understand the exact emotions that each one of them is feeling.


Make Your Album Ageless

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There is a timeless appeal to the black and white pictures. Even the destination wedding photographers like to use such pictures, to ensure that their photos stay relevant even after years. These amazingly beautiful photos have a surreal feel to them, and unlike the colored photos, where the trends keep changing, a black and white picture stays the same over decades. Besides, it is not like you cannot capture the beauty of a royal palace or a mountain in the background in these heartwarming pictures. In fact, the destination wedding photos done in black and white tend to be sometimes more breathtakingly beautiful than the normal colored pictures.


Add A Little Drama to Your Wedding Album

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Imagine watching a movie where there are no highs or lows. It would probably be the most boring movie. Same is the case with a pre wedding video shot completely on the same colored format. You want your pre wedding video to be exciting and intriguing. Adding black and white images to the same will add that extra drama to the video, making it a lot more interesting and fun to watch. Placed in between the colored shots, the black and white shots tend to stand out and give the same ceremony a different perspective.


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