The Intrinsic Of Law Of Attraction And Its Effects On Marriage 

The Intrinsic Of Law Of Attraction And Its Effects On Marriage

Wedding has been developed as the most essential custom of the human society. This custom alone is responsible for the eternities bestowed upon us almost as a pious obligation. We come to this world for a good purpose and in order to fulfill it we have to become a part of the broader social field and spectrum. Wedding socializes us! Conversely, it is also the best and trusted means to live our affinities towards the opposite sex; thus allowing for the best indulgences of our life together as a couple. The supreme and fundamental law of attraction works as the driver of the above stated affinities and drives the initiative of wedding also. Many a times it is found that whenever the law of attraction begins to weaken between the couple the marriage starts to suffer. 

The law of attraction – what it is and how it works? 

At the inception, the sexual proximities are strongest between the partners. The attractions are actually derived through these. But as the relationship gets older it also get broad such that the partners begin to know each other better and it is then the affinities start to diversify to the personality traits including those pertaining to the individual behaviors. It is noteworthy that these secondary affinities and attractions are the most intrinsic ones and are responsible for a solid relationship that would last till the end moment of life and even beyond! This is also the time that the beauty quotients start to fade and the physical beauties become irrelevant. The partners now and interact talk with their favorite personalities that are not merely defined by their physical attributes! It could be thus said that the law of attraction operates in a broad manner and carries more depth also. However, in spite of all the conditioning done over time in the couple relations, if the attractions are getting weak then there are some definite reasons! 
What weakens the couple relationship?

Many couples are experiencing the aberrations in their love lives. The partners are feeling the antipathies brewing and most of the times, they keep finding the reasons. We have already noticed that the physical beauties become somewhat irrelevant after some time for the husband and wife and the inner beauty rules. So definitely, it is the inner beauty that is failing for such couples. This inner beauty is not governed by few expensive cosmetics and is not skin deep! There are innumerable dimensions. Are the partners getting too selfish with their ambitions and materials’ affinities such that they are finding less of the time to cater towards the psychological needs of each other? This could be called as the generic reason for the weakened law of attraction in the couple life and the consequent effects on the marriage. Ironically, most of the times, the couple refuses to accept this fact as the reason! 

Make out the rejuvenations!

What is required is a strengthened and rejuvenated couple life that is full of love and care. This would ensure that you both love each other; merely because one partner is getting love and therefore finds the appeal within to reciprocate! This is the gist of ‘law of attraction’ for the couple. 


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