the Knot Mens Ultimate Guide to Groom Style 

the Knot Mens Ultimate Guide to Groom Style

It would be advisable to buy a tuxedo or wedding suit and specifically tailored instead of renting. Buying is always a better investment for a groom irrespective of choice of wedding theme. 

  • Finding the Correct Tailor:
The suit will end up looking shabby without the right tailor taking the best measurements as the fabric and fit mean everything for a groom’s suit. Starting one’s search for a right tailor as soon as possible is crucial. A tailor’s craft is measured by his meticulousness. Most tailors would want you come in shop and go out. These tailors may not even check your measurements when construction is over. While a caring and meticulous tailor would focus on the personal style details.

  • Selecting the Fabric Quality:
One should start looking for the correct fabric after the right tailor has been selected. There are several methods of sewing a suit but the right ingredient of fabric is crucial. The suit fabric will determine how the suit will feel and look and over the time, how it will perform. Avoid a synthetic blend and look for 100% worsted wool from a trusted brand. It should have thread count for the ‘super 110’s to 120’s’ for the ultimate combination of durability and luxury. One should avoid trends as far as possible.  In case a current trend looks extreme, such as super wide or super narrow lapels, one should avoid them. It is advisable to go with whatever is timeless, when one is investing hefty money in a tuxedo or bespoke suit.  The thread count denotes the number of fibres put into a unit measure of cloth, and indicates the fineness of the fibres and one should not get impressed by the high thread counts. Ensure the style you select is something you like to wear for the next 20 years. 

  • Selection of Necktie:
It is crucial to select a suitable tie as it closest to your face. The necktie pattern and colour will take up fair share of attention in the video shot and photos on wedding day. One should refrain from red neckties and opt for the green, blue, earth or gold tones having solid base colour.

  • Choosing the Black and White Suits:
Black is associated with evening wear and tuxedos and it may not actually be appropriate for a wedding setting. The guests and groomsmen are least likely to have a pure black suit and may have blue or grey suit. The groom usually never matches the bride dress and must refrain from wearing a white suit. In case the bride opting for a traditional white dress, then a coloured suit for the groom would be the graceful option. One can also opt for a navy blue or charcoal grey suit which is easier for matching readily available.

  • Caring for your Suits:
The suits should be dry cleaned as little as possible as it means a chemical wash which erodes fabric slowly and scraps away the surface layer. The suit can be refreshed’ by getting it pressed or steamed.


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