The Life Of Newly Wed And Beyond  

The Life Of Newly Wed And Beyond

When you are newly married, you wish to live according to the happiness of your spouse. The in-laws from both the sides wish to spend holidays and time with you. The parents of husband may be willing to have newlyweds at their place; while the bride parents would be willing that their lovely daughter should come with her husband to them during the holidays. Sometimes, you feel delighted to find such a love and affection from both the sides, but in the long run you may distraction from your own life.

So, it is desirable that you make a golden rule in initial day of married life itself in order to avoid displeasure of both the families and be happy yourself too. After all, the holidays are meant to recharge your energy with family events and warm gatherings. You apply a balance approach so that the life is easier at all stage and you handle the family pressure of either side easily.

Accept the Changes

After marriage, you are not a single person, but two persons with single entity. So, it is better to follow the family traditions and accept the changes happening in life. One spouse need to help other in coping up with the changes. The married life is meant for keeping the spouse happy and be happy with him/her. So, instead of pleasing other family members in initial days of marriage, it is better to know the likes and dislikes of your spouse and learn how to please each other. Understand the hormonal changes of the body and read even sexual expression of your partner. If you do this, you will be a happier couple.  

Avoid Tussles for Lifetime

For the two human beings, it is not possible to be on the same page forever. There may come the circumstances, when both of you may have different opinions when you are newlyweds too. Understand, it is the time to learn the speciality, weaknesses and strength of both the partners. You will also learn what annoys your partner. Keep in mind to bite your tongue when you face the situation that annoys your partner. It is not for a single day or short period but for the life time. 

Love the Relations 

The simple and best guide of a happy and successful marriage is that both of you respect and love the relations of both the sides. It may be possible that you may not like habits and attitudes of some person from either of side. But, you are not going to change them. It is better, you have the feeling of kindness and let the live their life. Remember, however cruel or wrong the parent of your spouse may be, they are his/her parents. By all efforts you may not change them. So, forgive them for the sake of your marriage. Love to your partner and she/he will reciprocate in the same manner. The lessons learnt and adopted in early days will help you throughout the life.  


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