The Makeup Technique in Vogue- The Air Brush for the Matte Finished Skin Makeup 

The Makeup Technique in Vogue- The Air Brush for the Matte Finished Skin Makeup

Air brush make up technique is the modern and newer way of applying the make up through the air gun machine that delivers evenly thin layer of make up on your skin, creating a stunning matte finish. The traditional way of applying is obsolete as the brushes, sponges and the fingers are not applied. The film actors and the celebrities generally use high definition or air brush make up. 

The major difference lies in spraying the ingredients in the form of the mist on to the face, unlike traditional make up; the air brush is not rubbed. This misting prevents clogging of the skin pores. The way how the gun shaped instrument is used is determines the clarity of the same. The air brush is either circulated or is forwarded in the back ward motion. To apply on different areas like as on eyes, stencils are used instead of the eye liner.

What brides need to know about airbrush makeup?

1. It provides flawless, even and natural look. The technique is the most sought after and lasts for a longer time.  In addition. If it is pursued by the professionals, it is light weight, and a natural and flawless appearance is appearance is expected.

2. There is no requirement of touch ups.
Air brush make up is actually the super natural way of getting the flawless appearance. 

Various steps- 

1. Practice with the water first- it’s an important point to initially practice with the water. This would remove the hesitation, if you are using it for the first time. This would provide you the knowledge about the machine and you would come to know that where the makeup is going to land on your face.

2. Clean- cleansing the face prevents the caking of the makeup and it cleans the dirt. Make sure that you clean your face. If you don’t cleans your face, it would be appearing dirty. Your face actually must be free from the dirt entirely.

3. Moisturize- After you cleanse, you want to make sure that you are moisturizing your skin too!
That way, when you do finally start to airbrush, your skin is all prepped.
Honestly, prepping should be done for any makeup, but it is especially important for airbrushing, as the airbrushing can look clumped if your skin isn't prepped correctly! 


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