The Most Trending Bridal Jewellery Options - The Polki Jewellery 

The Most Trending Bridal Jewellery Options - The Polki Jewellery

Jewellery is the most exquisite form of the art. Since time immemorial. Even from the mughal times, there has various form of the jewelry in vogue. The grandeur and the splendor of this jewelry have lured the modern bride with their extraordinary elegance. On The wedding day, every woman deserves to look gorgeous and to look for equally mesmerizing options available. The polka jewellery is one such form of the jewelry which offers trendy styles, thus offering the excellent choice for the big day.

The jewelry has become synonymous with every Indian woman. To adorn her best during the most important day of the life- the marriage, polka jewellery has emerged out as the most mesmerizing form of the jewelry which has made the hunt for the perfection quite easier...

Kundan and polka are raw, uncut diamonds which are from the mughal era, and are unrefined, unprocessed, which does not have any other work or processing over it. Polka shines more and is not economical, rather an expensive affair. 

Both- Kundan and polka consist of stone studded gold with a minor difference that polka jewelry contains gold foil studded with only uncut, precious stones. While in case of Kundan jewellery, glass imitations are studded over silver or gold.

The maintenance of polka jewellery- 

Polka jewellery requires high maintenance as even minor dust or moisture disrupts its shine. Don’t keep them in velvet boxes as they get their shine loose in them. Rather than velvet, keep them in butter paper or cotton so that the moisture is kept away...

Another important aspect is that avoid keeping diamond pieces together, so that they don’t form the scratches. They can be cleaned by placing them in the warm water, mixed with detergents. Wipe them with clean cloth after few hours. Note to keep them away from cleansers that contain Chlorine as this will not bode well for the gold.
What about the Pricing  

Polka jewellery is extremely expensive jewellery.The carat, clarity; color and cut of the diamond determine its overall cost. Even the price of polka choker is around 4-15 lakhs...The entire set can cost you around few crores. This can further rely upon design, workmanship and the main thing, number of stones.

Return/Resale values

The 10 % is lost every time you sale it. You only get 90 % of the real value. It’s advisable to purchase the classic designs that would be appearing gorgeous from even now. Don’t go for something that’s more in vogue. Further, its never advisable to purchase something trendy just too keeps the pace with time…

Where to get polka jewellery

In India, it’s found almost in every city. Still, Rajasthan is the excellent source of these precious stones. There are numerous prestigious stores in the metro cities, like as tanishq and amarpli. These stores have brilliant collection of polka pieces. There are some authentic places like as johari bazaar..

Polki maang tika, as well as polka earrings also form the part of polka embellishments...


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