The Mother of the Bride Style Guide 

The Mother of the Bride Style Guide

A wedding is not just an important day for the bride and the groom, but it is also a very important and special day for their parents, especially their mothers. Therefore, it is important that the mother of the bride ensures that she chooses the right dressing style for herself, so that she perfectly looks the part of a doting and happy mother for the occasion. However, finding the right dress, which makes the mother look beautiful and graceful and yet at the same time does not make her overshadow the bride, can be a difficult balancing act. 

Below are a few tips, which can help these mothers of the bride and the groom, in choosing the best dress and style for themselves for the wedding of their children. 

Compliment The Bride

The designing and styling of the dresses for the bride’s mother is getting a lot bolder and glamorous and therefore it is important that when selecting the dress, the mothers ensure that their dress only compliments the dress of the bride and does not make it appear like the mother is trying to replace the bride at the altar. While the bride’s gown should look sexy and glamorous, the mother’s gown should have a charming appeal to it. 

Avoid The Predictable Suit

For ages we have been seeing the mothers of the brides wearing a combination of dress and blazers and while there is no doubt about the fact that this combination even today looks quite elegant, but you might want to try out a different look for your daughter’s wedding. If you love the blazer, maybe you can replace the dress with a skirt or a wide leg pants. 

Hat Needed Or Not Needed

If you are someone who thinks that it is compulsory for the bride’s mother to wear a hat at the wedding, then you are sadly mistaken. You do not need to don the hat if you do not want. You can instead go in for a nice hairstyle and skip the hat completely. Even if you do opt for the hat, make sure that you choose a hat which compliments your face from every angle. As the mother of the bride, there will be lots of pictures taken of you as well and from many different angles, therefore, make sure that the hat you choose makes your face look perfect from every angle possible.

Fancy Footwear

We can understand that your age wearing stilettos may not be possible, but this does not mean that you cannot wear fancy shoes. There are many fancy options available in the market with respect to shoes, which are available in flats. Make sure that you hunt for shoes that both practical and fancy at the same time. It may take you some hunting around, but you would surely be able to find such shoes for yourself. 

Gone are the days when the mother of the bride was expected to dress up in boring dresses, today, everyone expects the mothers to look just as special and gorgeous as their daughters.


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