The Nail Embellishment of Bride  

The Nail Embellishment of Bride

Everyone is aware of the fact shaadi ka ladoo is an event that happens once in lifetime and hence it is celebrated like festival, as the day is very important for the bride to embellish herself to steal the most attractive and beautiful compliments seeking attention of all others, hence so forth it becomes mandatory to take care of each and every small makeup feature like nail, apparels, jewellery, face, accessories and most importantly the skin care in the entire bridal attire from tip to toe. Bride being the source of attraction, as everyone is waiting for her to join in the wedding ritual and congratulate for the day, need to be shine like the moon in the night in order to have happy faces congratulating and complementing for the beautiful lady.

Indian bridal nails art care:

Indian marriages are full of fun, customs, and rituals and last but not the least, the bridal makeup, thus the most one of the most lavish and expensive act in one’s lifetime. The wedding day is the day that serves as the opportunity to be the queen of the day. The nails art is one the part of makeup and uplift the impact of glare on the beautiful filed manicured or may be trimmed and shaped nails. One of the most prominent features of embellishing nails art is that the Indian bridal nail art design comes in numerous number of designs enhanced with beautiful colours.

Tips for India bridal nail art care:

The nail care is not just about the filing, trimming and smoothing of the nails. They need a little bit of time in order to have a good set of nail art. 

  • Primarily the nails need to be regularly trimmed and filed in order to bear a good set of nail art because this would suppress the snagging, breaking or ripping of the nails. In order to embellish the growth and strength of the nails you can use supplements strengthening products.

  • Keep the nails as clean as possible and be careful with the soap and other products and chemicals because usually they peel off the essential oil from the nails that are generated by the body which impart the natural shine to them.

  • Use standard suitable nails art products that do not result in harming and damaging the skin nearby the nails. 

  • Before the wedding day try having a rehearsal or experimenting on the Indian bridal nail art design.

  • Before applying the nail paint priory take care that it do matches with the bridal dress attire and it is suggestive to have deep and dark shades instead of sparkling and shiny nails.

  • In order to have a sparkle nails art use pearl varnished nail shades to have a perfect balance.

  • It’s suggestive to use cuticle oil every evening and moisturizer after every hand wash in order to maintain the oil moisture on the nails.

  • Don’t try buffing the nails plate because it weakens the nails along with the splitting and unhealthy breaking.


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