The Perfect Role of Sister of Bride During Pre-Wedding Functions 

The Perfect Role of Sister of Bride During Pre-Wedding Functions

The sister, being the bestest of the bestiee, helps not only in organizing the functions perfectly, but also the role for the care of the sister, who would require your hand in every situation to feel perfectly on the track. The occasion of mehandi, the D.J night, the sangeet programs, they all require the assistance of the perfect friend, and no one can be more perfect than a sister to help maintain the privacies and to keep the things with the careful intentions. She knows to help, even when her sister is’nt awared off. She breaths with the sister’s sigh of relief. She remains overburdened not only to provide relief to her sister, but also to keep going their relationship and the wedding in the bestest of the best possible way.

- Let your sis have little bit of the wine, she would require it to overcome the stress and that deadly exhaustion.

- Be her cheer leader, and keep a check on her mood as well to keep her emotions in control, to have those perfect and elegant pics if she smiles and maintains the scenario of that.

- The role during the mehandi cannot be denied as the hands during the mehandi application keeps the nose or other body parts itchy and the eating of food again require your help only. It is the function, where she requires your best of the care and attention.

- Don’t forget to dance your ass off and be the super dupper star from the bride’s side. Never ever feel shy and keep yourself as and confident, as you can.

- It’s definitely the duty of the sister to keep safe all the keys, where the gold and other jewelry is kept, also, keep makeup kit with essential things and outfits as well as jewelry to be ready for all the occasions. 

- Don’t forget to hold the phone of the bride and know when to give her call or answer it by yourself.

All in all, you would be acting as the personal and secret secretary of the bride under all the circumstances and the conditions.


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