The Punjabi Jutti Lovers: Where to Find the Best Juttis For Weddings In India? 

The Punjabi Jutti Lovers: Where to Find the Best Juttis For Weddings In India?

There has undergone numerous transformations regarding the footwear. The flats, in the form of Punjabi jutti have been less popular among the brides. The designers and the professionals are taking keen interest in making them more modern. Suffice to say that the plain and simple jutti has undergone a glamorous transformation. The brides, now days prefer wearing them for sangeet, mehendi or even in the wedding, by matching with the colour and designs of the attires to be worn.

Traditional Punjabi jutti is available in numerous forms as per the design and the work available. Let’s ponder into the same for having deeper aspect of the fashion juttis-

1. The Needledust-

The price of a pair of Needle dust is in the range of rs 2700-3400. The needle dust specializes in chota panja which would let you flaunt your pretty feet. Its location is shahpur Jat.

The pestle floral collection in blue, grey and baby pink is so gorgeous.

2. The Coral Haze – the price goes around rupees 1500 –rupees 4,000. There can be seen hand embroidery, gotta Patti and other hand related workmanship. The attached embellishments can be seen. The beaded jhuttis with immaculate detailing of flowers and nature is so chic.

3. The Fizzy Goblet- the price ranges between 1600-rs 3000 per pair and the fun, chic relatable brand aamchi in Mumbai has variety of funky prints to intricate designs and brogue jhuttis. The most common type of fizzy goblet is mirror work jhuttis and the wooden parrot ones.

4. The Peshkadmi- 

The pairs can be fetched starting from rs 1200- rs 2500. The trendy and ethnic juttis are so simple and has basic design. The block print and the kamlamkari ones are flying off like hot cakes.

5   The Rustic tilla- 

The rustic tilla provides comfort and oomph in a single pair of footwear. The affordability of its price makes it special too. The price goes around just 1400 rupees.

6.The Folkkari

Well, the folkkari comes straight from the Amritsar. The real taste of tradition and culture of India is obtained through folkakari. The drama can be further enhanced by vibrant hues and fun mirror- work. The reasonable price of rs 1200 makes it super special.

The fulkarri jhutti along with the fullkari suit make the ideal match.

Buy: Their speciality is phulkari jhutti which will cost you around Rs.1200.

7. The Bellwether- these are called the fashionable footwear’s which are mostly native from the Chandigarh, the cost of a pair would commence from around 1000 per pair, whereas, the one with sequin and the beads cost around the name almost.

Most remarkable feature that the sequinned jhuttis are so well made and are intricate too.

8. Chittars

This Delhi-based brand is all about vibrant colours and interesting ideas – there are brocade jhuttis guys, our current favourite trend! You can even customise your own jhutti by choosing the right fabric. Their beautiful range starts from Rs 1100.

Buy: Double-coloured jhuttis and even denim ones are their biggest draw!


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