The Questions to be Asked in Arranged Marriage Meeting? 

The Questions to be Asked in Arranged Marriage Meeting?

There must be asked more and more of the questions when you have planned to have the wedding together. Ditch the monotonous way of celebrating at home. Where full crowd of the relatives keep on hanging just get some ideas to go out for a date. Have some fun. Don’t go for just sitting at home. Have some fun together to have more openness amonst you both to know much more about you more and more. In case of the narrow minded family, just take some steps to come out from the home to balcony or a terrace or a neighbourhood coffee joint for a quick cuppa and a chat.

Most important is to put down your future goggles and look at him with today’s eyes. He aint gonna change and nor you will.

The main aspect is to consider that you should be real and diplomatic. Don’t ask the questions directly. The more you feel serious about the question, more she will have the feeling of the budget meet or a job interview. Let you make it interesting and create hypothetical situations for the same. Weave in your conversations for asking the questions. For instance, if you value your career, present a hypothetical situation asking about if he would move into the cities in case you get an opportunity to work in another city? 

When talking about the kids, don’t say anything about after five years or so. Just say something that you cannot think about right now.

It’s mandatory to have keen consideration of the following three points while selecting your partner- though there are no fixed criteria’s for the same-

1. Same interests- this would add something to be done together if you have the similar interests. The major problems arise when you love theatre, while your hubby loves stock market. You start trading stocks and he starts watching plays. The violence is generated. 

2. Matching of wavelength- 

Just so you don’t end up arguing all day, all night. Or give up on this relationship goal already. Expect that this will happen.

3. Meetings. But if he is kind and generous, good to his mother, polite to people around him, it’s a decent indicator of what kind of a person he is. Keep your instincts and observation skills on high alert.


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