The Relief Stations at Weddings 

The Relief Stations at Weddings

The relief stations are becoming so much popular now-a-days that every Indian wedding, whether in summers or in winters, they are arranging for the relief stations. These stations or little stalls are nothing, but are the places where the incoming guests find something to have fun or to relax immediately. These small stations have everything from giveaways to favours to tiny knick-knacks to even food. Know all about this micro-trend here.

The articles at wedding contain towels, face mists, hand fans and mosquito repellant for the tired guests.  These relief stations actually can make your guests feel at home. These can also be made grander by the addition of foot massage or can make your own smoothie station.

Ingredients of relief stations-     

The simpler stuffs are to be taken into consideration initially, like as- decorated hand fan, packet of candies, flowers for young ladies, etc. 

Summer and winter wedding relief stations-

The ingredients for the relief stations vary from season to season. The summers are more prone to have the favors which are of special need to the guests. Take for an instance the epitome of water bottles, hand fans, juice packets, glucose, electoral powder, sunscreen lotions, face mists or wet paper napkins. 

On the contrary, winter wedding articles for relief stations includes shawals, mosquito repellants, tiny packets of moisturing cream, for beach wedding- flip flop and sunscreens. . Desert weddings – stoles and coconut water. Pool party – floaties and towels. There can be a kiddie station too with bubbles and toys.

Some other creative additions to the relief station- the fruit infused waters, smoothies, juices and coconut water, few alcoholic drinks too can be mixed into it. The candies, peanuts, popcorn and farzaan. The chaat stations or candy stations are also in vogue now-a-days.


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