The Rocking Sunglasses on Your Wedding Day 

The Rocking Sunglasses on Your Wedding Day

Different nationalities and the races do have entirely different fashion trends. The metropolitans and the people overseas undergo this kind of equality where the relations tend to overlook the caste and the nationality. The similar kind of affair was seen in UK, where the Indian friend of mine, settled in UK fell in love affair with a Nigerian girl. The parental agreement for the same, after the series of dramatic processes led them decides getting married soon according to the indian as well as the Nigerian standards and culture. The excitement about the Nigerian wedding increased tremendously as the guests remain above 2000 normally, where we call Indian weddings as big and fat. Everyone was necessarily conveyed over the Skype to carry the sunglasses.

Sunglasses for the wedding?? 

The Indian bride’s dilemma is genuine about wearing the sunglass at the wedding. The main concern is that the sun glasses do not go well with the traditional lehenga. But for the bride who is going to get marry in morning in the gurudwara, it is fairly common to sport sunnies to block out the heat and exhibit a style statement.

The weddings, in which men wear sunnies, are not uncommon, though one of the guests wear gorgeous, blush colored sunglass.

We always knew Gul Panag was quirky, but she definitely raised the ‘quirkiness’ bar by quite a few notches when she made a grand entry at her wedding a couple of years ago in a lehenga paired with aviators! So were the groom and the entire wedding party, who came on bikes with Gul in the sidecar!

The more evidences can be supported by the fact that the Alia Bhatt in humpty Sharma ki dulhania. The sunglasses are paired with the nath. 

If you are crazy about the whacky twist, try sun glasses. Stick to aviators or wayfarers, to have the wedding, which is too hat key and over the top.
A few pointers for those planning to wear sunnies with Indian wear:

1. To wear the soft girly colour, pick soft frames like wayfarers.

2. The matching matching work can be totally stylish and statement making. The unusual colors too appear gorgeous. 

3. The Bing factor is supposed to be low. Keep your glasses simple.  Take consideration of earrings, a set and a gazillion or other shining things on you. The excessively binged out sunnies are the best options.

4. Black sunglasses may appear weird; go for brown beiges or even whites.


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