the Special Trend of Childrens Food Station 

the Special Trend of Childrens Food Station

Frankly speaking, in Indian an event like wedding, is an event where only two people, the couple being married are interested in wedding other all are interested in the food section and the decoration. Most of the Indian weddings are supposed to show off and a lot of money is wasted in the event, a big fat show off. So the basic idea in order to serve the guests with the most complementing a praising décor is to serve them with the best quality, delicious and tasty food along with the reception catering service. For the best décor in the wedding reception you need to do planning beforehand of the event and most importantly its advices to consider, children’s food station in the menu card of wedding reception which puts the event to be 5 star unique services.

Importance of creating a children’s food station:

Children are the real charm to any event. Their cuteness and humble presence is a necessity to our lives because it’s completely a different kind of charm they provide. Most importantly rather than the elder ones, the small one’s activity like dance and reactions are observer in the auspicious event, so why not make them happy with the things they like to eat. 

During the menu planning aspects of wedding, its advice to consider have a separate children’s food station in the reception catering. Basically there are two reasons for it, firstly the catering would be incomplete if you don’t consider the children and secondly child is never interested in the food and heavy diet, they like different kind of taste and rather than the food they like to have light food like snacks, soft drinks, ice creams and most importantly the gudiya k baal and the pizza. It also makes another charm and imparts happiness to children when they are provided with the special service of fun to choose the food they love and serve themselves from their special reception catering menu.

This not only makes the event unique but also proves an enthusiasm in the children for such event to actively participate.

Trends in the Children‘s food station:

The children of today’s era are more luxurious, they don’t get satisfied with the common French fries and chicken fingers. They love variety of taste so you need to do planning for the reception catering menu in order for the satisfactory and remember able children’s food station. In order for the best catering you need to follow up following points:

  • The children’s food station is quite expensive so its advice to enlist the number of children attending the wedding and make a list of common food liked by children of different age group.

  • Some of the popular and common food items in the children’s food station include French fries, chicken fingers, pizza, cheese materials, peanuts, pastry and cake, cocktail drinks soft drinks, milk shake, etc. 

  • Decorate the food station of children with children themed serving may be of some cartoon character or favourite character or fictitious person liked by them.


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