The Stunning Servers for Cutting Your Wedding Cake 

The Stunning Servers for Cutting Your Wedding Cake

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the important wedding ceremonies. Although these days, this ceremony has got reduced to a mere symbol of the completion of the wedding rituals and the bride and the groom having become husband and wife officially, in the past, the cake cutting ceremony was a big affair and had deep meaning to it. 

The Past Of Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony

In different cultures around the world, the significance of cutting the wedding cake at the wedding reception held different meanings, while in the Roman times, a piece of bread would be broken directly over the head of the bride as a symbol of good fortune, in the medieval England, the bride and the groom were supposed to kiss each other from over a stack of spiced buns. If they were successful in kissing each other, it meant prosperity for their relationship. Another tradition with respect to this ceremony, which had been followed in the past, was the guests at the wedding would throw pieces of cakes at the bride and the groom. It was considered to bring good luck to the marrying couple. 

The Today Of The Cake Cutting Ceremony

Unlike the past traditions, the cake cutting ceremonies that are a part of weddings these days are a lot more tamed in nature. The newlyweds share the wedding cake with their friends and family as a symbol of their joy. However, even today it is believed that the cutting of this cake at the wedding ceremony increases prosperity and fertility for the marrying couple.

No matter what the reason for holding this ceremony, the fact remains that no wedding can be complete without a great cake cutting ceremony. In fact, these wedding cakes are so important that the bride and the groom spend a lot of their precious time in selecting the right size, favour and design of the cake. Along with the wedding cake, the servers for cutting the cake are also very important. Many brides like to retain these servers as a keepsake of their wedding and therefore, it is important that the design of these severs selected should be extremely beautiful. 
Some of the designs for the servers which have become extremely popular these days are as follows:

Personalized Servers

Since many brides like to retain these servers as a keepsake, therefore, getting them personalized with the names of the bride and the groom and their date if the wedding is a very good idea. Almost any server that you select for your cake cutting ceremony can be easily personalized. 

Match The Cake Or The Theme Of The Wedding

Many weddings today are planned around a particular theme. If you too have a theme for your wedding, the design of your cake would surely be based on this theme only and you need to make sure that the server for cutting this cake should also be as per this theme only. 

There are many pretty designs for these servers which are present in the market and you can select any of these designs based on your choice, liking and other wedding preparations. 


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