The Suffering of Divorce 

The Suffering of Divorce

The word divorce may sound simple but it actually associated with some troublesome tasks, feelings and lack of mutual understanding. Divorce and marriage are associated together. Basically divorce is the post marital task. Divorce is termination of relationship between husband and wife when they are unwilling to live with each other which may occur due lack of mutual understanding and love. The divorce is a legal agreement which ensures the cancellation of duties and let one free from every responsibility of marriage and gives the right to remarry with someone other. The legal separation caused by the divorce occurs due to various reasons between wife and husband like unsatisfactory relationship, lack of awareness, family burden, and depression and importantly last but not the least the cross matching of thinking. This is sometimes also referred as dissolution of marriage.

The legal separation authenticated by the court and law also associates many problems along with it hence forth one may think before going for a divorce and may focus to fix your troubled marriage.

Basic problems associated with divorce:

The main purpose is to terminate the relationship by authentication of court and help of lawyers but there are certain decisions which are difficult to take like the question of handling the custody and development of minor children, the division of property and possessions and the loans and the debts of husband and wife. The law states that whatever is the possession whether it is money, property or debt, each head in the marriage relation is supposed to have equal division possession and responsibility. In case of non-martial possession, it is supposed to be inherited by one of them.

Terminating the relation, think before you do:

With the current divorce rate which is exponentially increasing and common now a days, thing before you go for this option because no one married in order to have a break up. The sacred bond was made to spend the life together, think to fix your troubled marriage.

  • Cooperation and collaboration: The divorce terminates the relationship between man and wife but it creates the binds with anger, grief, fear anxiety and importantly the depression. The intensity may lead you to the path of frustration and impatient. Try to fix and face the problems rather than quitting it up like a battle or a war because divorce is the synonym for self-defeating. Communication is the way out from all the shit, sit patiently with your spouse with the motive of cooperation and discuss and settle the task with healthy mind and rather its suggestive to appoint a psychologist that may reduce the conflicts.

  • The future of minor children: It


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