The Things That Every Bride and Groom Need To Know About the Wedding Cards  

The Things That Every Bride and Groom Need To Know About the Wedding Cards

Wedding is a grand occasion in it. While it is of immense significance for the bride and groom that celebrate their big day, the occasion itself has to be managed along all the dimensions like fooding, drinks, accommodation of the outbound guests and others. These are not simpler demands in them but require thorough preparations and extensive arrangements. The food menus have to be ordered and the catering services have to be fixed. Wedding invitations are also equally significant part of the entire wedding plan because these are the mediums to fetch the presence of the guests at your wedding function. If the wedding invitation is not done properly or in time, then there could be lower turnout of the guests at the wedding party and reception. So what are the details that need to be taken care in the wedding invitation? Here are the things that every bride and groom need to consider. 

Send the invitation 6 – 8 weeks prior to the wedding date

This is the pre requisite condition for serving the good invitation towards the guests. Today, everyone is busy in his/her life schedules and deadlines are many. Taking out time to attend the wedding function could be difficult if the invitation is served late. The date could be allotted or reserved for some essential task by the guest who may not turn up at your wedding occasion. This is not desirable and hence it is good to serve the invitations in an authentic manner no less than 6 – 8 weeks early. This would give ample time to the guests to plan their day and they would turn up at your occasion to enrich your big day.

Attach the reply card 

The modern way of making the invitation includes bunch of the other etiquettes also such as the reply card. This is a special reply card that is attached along with the main invitation. The objective of this card is to seek the positive reply from the guest regarding his attendance at your wedding function. This reply serves as the basis of making the other arrangements like those stated above. You can make this reply as the basis of booking the accommodations and food preferences too at the reception party. 

Attach the food menus 

The food menu card could be served along with the main card. This would contain the varieties that would be served at your reception party. You can also add the exotic drinks that would be available at the party. A connection from this card could be made to the reply card where the guest could offer his/her preferences of the meals so that the same could be arranged beforehand. 

Place cards 

Place cards are attached to ensure the finer etiquettes at the wedding function. These serve information to the guests about the seating plan and more precisely their own place that is reserved in the function. This would remove the hassles. 

Reception cards 

It is considered good to attach separate reception party cards that the guests could bring with them; especially if the venue is some authentic catering destination such as a hotel or resort. 


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