The Tradition of Seven Vows in Hindu Wedding 

The Tradition of Seven Vows in Hindu Wedding

India is country of diverse tradition, culture and custom. The country is also famous for its religious customs and traditions especially the Hindu wedding, which is typically a sacrament and most serious affair as far as the Hindu culture is considered. Hindu wedding in India is often referred as vivaah, which is quite a long event as it has rituals and customs before and after the marriage as well and has it unique importance. The wedding customs creates such bonds that unite the two individuals, husband and the wife for life. In the Hindu wedding the couples take seven vows while assuming the fire to be sacred fire and promise to lead a peaceful, trustworthy and harmonious relationship.     

Importance of Seven vows:

As per the Hindu wedding tradition, the seven vows also known as Pradakshina or saptapadi, one of the unique sacred tradition in Hindu wedding, this makes such bonds between husband and wife that last for the whole life. Without the seven vows, the marriage is considered to be incomplete. The customs proceeds with the groom holding the hand of the bride and taking rounds around the sacred fire for seven times and making the promises to stay, care and love each other for whole life irrespective of the obstacle that come in the path. In between they are blesses and appreciated by the elders to complete up the task. The custom is considered so pure and important that the couples who refuse to follow are considered with incomplete marriage and are said to commit a sin purposely which is not at all good.

Following seven vows:

As the name suggests, the seven rounds or saptapadi make seven circular rounds around the sacred fire with the priest chanting up with the holy or spiritual mantras that are impotent for the true establishment of bonds between the two souls. The husband as well as the wife is highly recommended to follow up with the procedures within the specified time or muhurta.  

The seven vows in the Hindu wedding tradition are as follows:

  1. The man asks her future wife to offer food and a hand that would help in all harsh as well as good times and in return it


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