The Ultimate Beachside Wedding Venues In India 

The Ultimate Beachside Wedding Venues In India

The concept of having an Indian destination wedding is something that has become extremely popular in recent times. And even in this category, more and more people are opting for beach weddings. When I say a beachside wedding, the first destination that pops in the minds of most of the people is Goa. However, there are many other unexplored beach locations in India, which make for the best wedding destinations in India. A Beachside wedding gives every bride, groom and all the wedding guests a unique experience for them to cherish for life.

The golden sun kissed beaches, the swaying palm trees and the sounds of the sea waves in the background provide the most romantic location for a wedding. Although not much needs to be done in order to make a Beachside wedding special, you need do need to make sure that you pick the best wedding reception venues for the same.


Choosing From The Many Beach Options In India

Best Wedding Venues in Mumbai

While Goa holds the top spot for a Beachside wedding, close second in this list comes the financial capital of India, Mumbai. There are 4 very popular beaches in this city, and there are numerous big 5 star and 7 star properties on all these beaches, which provide you with the best wedding venues in Mumbai. Next in this list is Kerala. Our God’s Own country is slowly, but steadily, making its way as one of the top choices for a beach destination wedding. The pristine beauty and serenity offered by this place makes for the most romantic setting for a wedding. Next up is Pondicherry. This Fresh Riviera Of The East offers a blend of Tamil and French architecture, coupled with serene beaches, making this place a perfect setting for a dream wedding. There are many other places like Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, Mangalore, Mahabalipuram, Tranquebar, etc., which are really great options for a Beachside wedding in India.


The Beautiful Beach Backdrops, Provides A Great Canvas For The Wedding Decorators

Wedding Destinations in India

Whether you want a traditional mandap decorated with fresh flowers and Indian designs, or wish to go in for something more international and modern like a pure white and blue combination for the entire setup, these beaches make sure that each and every design and decoration of the outdoor wedding decorators looks just picture perfect. These outdoor wedding venues also prove to be very affordable wedding venues since you do not have to spend much on the wedding decorations. You can use the natural structures like palm trees, etc., and decorated them with simple decorations like a few lights, etc., and nothing more would be required to make your wedding venue look absolutely gorgeous. 


The Timing Can Make A Lot Of Difference

Outdoor Wedding Decorators

When booking hotels for weddings, you can plan your wedding at any time of the day. However, when planning a beach wedding, you need to pick that time of the day when there is enough light on the beach to allow the gets to relish the beauty of the place. The top wedding decorators in Mumbai always suggest that you plan your beach wedding at dusk. At this time of the day, the beauty of the sea and the sky looks mesmerizing against the setting golden sun, and at the same time you can play around with your light arrangements to make your venue appear like a fantasy land.


Indian Destination Wedding

Just place a white pedestal on the beach, with a green halo or put a nice swing or a sofa set decorated with some bright flowers, and you would be all set for a beach wedding. The natural beauty of the beach is enough to make even the simplest of wedding ceremonies feel like dream weddings.


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