The Unique Maharashtrian Traditional wedding jewellery 

The Unique Maharashtrian Traditional wedding jewellery

Maharashtrian wedding are so much special and loaded with rich tradition and culture of India. Also the wedding is as unique as the wedding of any other culture form the rituals to the traditional dresses and jewellery of the bride and the groom. Also when the Maharashtrian bride is dressed in her all time traditional jewellery and saree with broad border of complement colour and binds her hairs to a bun decorated with pearl hair accessory and traditional gajra she just looks so gorgeous and fantabulous that nobody can fail. Also unlike the other Indian weddings where the colour red is termed very auspicious here in Maharashtrian wedding there is a tradition of wearing a Paithani saree that comes in typical colours like leaf green, golden yellow or aubergine. Also there is golden jewellery to compliment her look which just makes her glow all yellow on her big day.

Mundavalya and Tanmani is important

The most auspicious and traditional jewellery or ornament that is unisex and is worn by both the bride and the groom is the Mundavalya. It is mainly forehead jewellery that is horizontally worn around the head and there are two pearl lines that drop from the either side of forehead to the shoulder, framing the face beautifully. This Mundavalya is mainly tied to the Maharashtrian bride when she enters the mandap which means that she is ready to get married.

The next is a Tanmani. This is an important and absolutely must for the Maharashtrian bride. It is mainly a choker neckpiece that is made of resham thread and has three or four pearl lines that sit firmly into it. Also it is decorated in traditional manner by off-white pearls and coloured pearls enhancing its beauty.

Famous Kolhapur saaz

The next traditional jewellery for a bride in Maharashtrian wedding is the Kolhapur saaz. It is mainly an invention of Kolhapur. It is a neckpiece that is a sign of a women


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