The Warning Signs of Abusive Marriage  

The Warning Signs of Abusive Marriage

There are several indicators of an abusive relationship in an abusive marriage and several of them can be identified as follows:

  • Warning Signs:
Abusive relationship shows several signs. Prominent among these signs is constantly being afraid of the partner. If your partner always puts you down and keeps you under control that too indicates an abusive marriage. As a result, one may develop feeling of desperation and helplessness. The issue is usually denied even as it happens to most of the couples. In several instances issue may not be physical, but may be psychological. Identifying the signs is the beginning of the solution. Nobody is supposed to be afraid of the individual they are in love with. Abusive marriage never discriminates as it takes place in heterosexual spouses as well as the same-sex companionships. It doesn’t have boundaries of ethnicity, economic backgrounds and even age. 

Not only women, but the men too are subjected to emotional abuse, and on some occasions, physical abuse too. The behaviour which is abusive should never be accepted as everybody deserves to be safe, respected and valued. The abuse could be sexual, emotional or physical which includes forms of beating. The abuse of emotional kind includes humiliation and bullying. One must recognize the right to the respectful treatment and self-esteem to get out of such abusive marriage. There is a type of domestic violence in the form of financial abuse which may not be obvious. It could be a husband stopping wife getting a job or pursue higher study. Financial abuse is nothing but a type of control and it is very common as one spouse controls the pooled in finances put in the joint accounts and there is lac of family support, thus putting the one spouse at the mercy of other abusive partner for the financial needs. 

  • Saving Your Abusive Marriage:
It is a natural reaction to attempt to save your abusive marriage. But you must realize that you have to decide for yourself. There could be some personality traits which can never be changed in abusive partner and there could be signs of the end time for your relationship. 

  • Self-Healing After Leaving Abusive Partner:
You will need to be courageous to make the decision to leave an abusive partner and it will be the crucial decision to be taken. After- effects of the abusive relationships could go on for a longer period. One must start the process of emotional and physical healing for a fresh start all over again and you only can help yourself best. You can do few things which you relish and prominent among them should be all those things your abusive partner restricted. Healing process also needs you to realize that the abusive situation that you have overcome was not of your making. It's crucial to surpass guilt feelings which you may be experience due to end of abusive relationship, and allow your healing to progress and prepare you for a new chapter in your life. You have to maintain the support system by confiding in friends who can be trusted and other family members about what you went through for getting their support.


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