The Worth of Music in Indian Wedding 

The Worth of Music in Indian Wedding

Music is the method of human communicating through hearts. Indian wedding being an event like festival and happiness suff used and replete with pleasure, emotions, feelings and pain, makes it difficult to handle. Here comes the role of India wedding music which rescues and handles the pain and emotions with a splash of enjoyment and sensation of amusement. As religion is inevitable whenever marriages are in concern, similarly traditional music in Indian wedding also enfolds the religious sentiments. The most common attire of traditional Indian wedding is Sikh wedding which is accompanies by the religious different hymns or kirtans or Anand Karaj. Laava, the marriage hymns are traditional songs sung by the musicians in while the congregation encircling the holy and sacred Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The four verses of Lavan signify the four stages of love and married life. Other the Christian wedding are also accompanies by the singing of hymns traditional music for the spiritual importance in the marriage. The Islam is another example that importance for tradition music or hymns in the wedding. 

Ladies Sangeet:

Ladies Sangeet (music) is the special custom or ceremony in Indian weddings especially in northern parts of India which involves the playing of wedding songs and dholak by the invited wedding guests and is combination of traditional music, folk being sung and dance. The event of ladies Sangeet aims to enjoy and entertain the female wedding guest with the traditional music about the beginning of new life of bride with her spouse. The music and songs in ladies Sangeet adds the festive celebration mood making the event being special and lively.

The Tradition of Music in Baraat in India Wedding: 

In traditional Indian wedding typically in northern parts of India, Baraat is the most entertaining and amazing attire in the entire wedding. It is the tradition of proceeding of groom (seated on the horse) along with the guests from groom’s home to the wedding venue which accompanies with the bitter spice of Indian wedding music along with the craziest dance replete with fun and amusement. The wedding music serves as the prime source of enjoyment with the local band of musicians. Everybody accompanies gets lost in the tunes of Indian wedding songs, and dance with the chords of music and song tunes. The flock of wedding guests amuses and rejoices on the marriage of the loving relative.  

The Tradition of Music in Vidaai in Indian Wedding:

Vidaai is the last custom of Indian wedding. The custom is the break up or separation of bride from her family and her heading to begin with the new life with her spouse. Thus one can easily feel the pain of separation, here the wedding songs tend to encounter and recue the pain of separation, the Indian wedding music that depict the break up from family and are sorrowful are sung which reflect and show affection from the departure to the welcome of new member and life. 

Thus by the above content justifies that the Indian wedding songs are of vital importance which not only rescue from feelings and affection but also enchant the event and warm up the mood filling with pleasure and joy.       


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