Theft at wedding? How to Keep Your Gifts Safe 

Theft at wedding? How to Keep Your Gifts Safe

Who can just imagine or think of wedding theft could ever happen? In reality, like in big grand Indian celebrations, wedding gift theft could also be a thing. There are many bollywood movies like as- lucky oye, dolly ki doli which evidenced the occurring of wedding thefts and wedding crashers are classic instances that prove wedding thefts can happen in reality. 

Along with wedding venue or while picking the wedding lehenga, if the same practical consideration is to be given on how to store and safeguard your wedding gifts, the thefts from the wedding crashers and intruders can be strictly prevented.

The wedding crashers behave quite normal and appear as the normal guests, and take advantage of every moment like when you are cutting the cake, chatting with your guests or shaking a leg on the dance floor. Actually it mostly happens in the reception, where more than 4-500 guests accompany and you would never know until the tenth minute that few gifts or monetary items are missing. 

There is numerous ways to prevent wedding crashers from ruining your party- 

1. Keep your celebration close and personal-

Now days, people have started ditching the concept of great grand Indian party, and are opting for the intimate celebration, thus accompanying just only those people who are extremely necessary and are known by either you or your partner. By keeping the number of wedding guests to normal, we can easily spot the wedding crashers and can evade wedding gift theft.

2.  Take services of security provided by the venue- 

The main services provided by the venue could be the CCTV cameras. These devices or security personnel can assist you in securing the venue from intruders. Wedding planners cannot be blindly relied upon to perform ordeal. You must personally make an arrangement to visit and get the clear idea of what actually goes there.

3. Pick a prime location-

The place for wedding gifts must be near to the stage exit and not the venue exit. The table for the wedding gifts must be large and wide, thus making it inaccessible for the wedding crashers to flick your wedding gifts away…

4. Wedding gift table, combine with other table- 

Sometimes, candy bar table is placed next to the gift table at a place which is visible to the larger number of the audiences. The main idea behind the same is not to show off the wedding gifts, rather to make it absolutely impossible for any wedding theft to occur, given that there would be plenty of the people who will be watching the gifts all time throughout the wedding reception. In such kind of the arrangement, a wedding crasher would think twice or more to access the wedding gifts.

5. It’s better to appoint a gift attendant- 

In western countries, the bridesmaid as well the groomsmen are given the responsibility of looking after all the belongings of them. Even the gifts and the other monetary items are given under their custody. To further enhance the security, gift attendants can be appointed who will take special care of collecting, storing and transporting the wedding gifts...

6. Use a card box- 

Most of the wedding guests give cash as the wedding gifts. Don’t ever use tacky plastic bags rather better options are available – the fancy card boxes. This would help you securely stack all the money you get in one place. Numerous designs are available in the market.

7. Opt for Online possibilities- 

By this we mean signing up for an online gift registry that offers the convenience for your guests to deliver the present straight to your home. Another way of safeguarding your wedding gifts is to sign up for a wedding insurance that will cover your damages.


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