There Are Vital Health Benefits behind the Traditional Indian Jewelleries  

There Are Vital Health Benefits behind the Traditional Indian Jewelleries

Jewellery is really old concept and the fairer sex has deep intrinsic affinity with these. We have not only continued with diversities of jewellery concepts but have also done notable refinements because of the bonding that we have developed. The Asian cultures in particular have responded pretty well towards the refinement attempts. 

However, these attempts were different from those of current age. In the present world, jewelry is more a fashion icon that finds finest inputs from the fashion designers and innovators in the industry. The interventions done in the ancient times were rather scientific in their basis; and mostly meta physics ruled to determine the patterns and philosophies behind the ornaments. Most of the sciences were geared to make out authentic health benefits for the wearer. Indian subcontinent has the great distinction of developing the best of the ladies jewelries. Let’s look out the vital health benefits that are ensured by wearing the traditional Indian jewelry. 

The fingerings

Fingers have active concentration of the nerves passing through different organs of the body. For example, the ring finger has the head nerve passing through it and by wearing a metal ring, constant frictional force is generated that vitalizes this nerve. The person is able to better manage his/her entire life. 

The earrings

The nerve that connects to the brain, kidney and the cervix passes through the right ear. Thus wearing the earrings ensure balanced blood flow to these organs and keep the associated functions healthy. 

The nose ring

Nose ring is said to relieve pain during menstruation. Women also experience less of pain during the child birth. When a nose ring is worn over the left nostril it ensures the health of the reproductive organs because the nerve connecting to these organs passes through the left nostril.

The kamar band or the belt 

In women, this traditional ornament has been held responsible for belly fat management. In some regions like Rajasthan and Gujarat, ladies wear it as a whole time ornament. 

Toe ring

Toe rings are vital in that these regularize the menstrual cycles in the females and also make the conception easier. Toe rings have been mandated as necessary for every married lady therefore. 


Silver anklets balance the energy in the lady and make more active in their routines. Silver is a good conductor of heat and energy and works to maintain a positive balance by dissipating the negative energies to the earth. 

Mangal sutra

The black beads allow for the dispelling of the negative energy and allowing only the positive energy to pass through. 

Maang tika 

Maang tika regulates the ajna chakra and thus controls the heat balance of the body. 


Round shaped bangles offer the preservation of good and vital energies of the female body. These are a must for the married lady. 

These jewelry concepts were offered way before the modern sciences were developed. We find the evidences only in the ancient Vedic chronicles like of the jyotish. 


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