There Is Much Significance Of Flowers In The Wedding Occasion 

There Is Much Significance Of Flowers In The Wedding Occasion

Wedding is the time of celebration because the reasons are pretty significant. It is the time when the family expands to include more relations including the son in law and daughter in law. These are of course the cherished additions for the families while the invited guests play their good role to make up the fervour. The wedding house is also decorated with flowers and other icons. In fact, there is fundamental significance of flowers in the wedding decoration. The flower decoration at wedding has been kept as a tradition in most of the cultures of the world and is still one of the cherished concepts of decorating the wedding ambiences

There is generic significance and meaning attached with the flowers and therefore these are used as one of the fundamental components in wedding decorations. What is this generic value and significance? Let’s explore. 

Flowers and decoration are synonymous since ages 

The value attached with flowers is very authentic because these are simply unique gifts of nature to the mankind. There is substitution of the flowers in the natural and the man-made world even in this modern age. The decoration of flowers is considered very natural and importing a decency to the occasion. People are requisitioning the services of florists to develop wholesome floral decorations in the wedding house, wedding car, wedding night accommodation for the bride and groom & the reception party including the dinner tables. This marks the significance carried by the flowers as for decorations in the wedding. 

Flowers add the fragrant beauty 

Flowers are the only décor concepts that add the colourful beauty as also fragrance in the ambience. This makes the wedding house and couple’s room to get enriched with the natural aromas that are unmatched even with the best of the market scents. Leading florists offer some of the best varieties of fragrant flowers like jasmine, roses and lilies that are known for their charming aromas. 

Flowers constitute one of the oldest ornaments 

Flowers have been used as some of the oldest ornament concepts. The earliest civilizations, as noted in historical chronicles, used exotic flowers as the ornaments. Some exclusive customs still continue in different parts of the world. The notable ones are – 

The wedding bouquet for the bride – in western cultures, the bride and bridesmaids carry the floral bouquets invariably as a tradition. 

The sehra for the Indian groom and bride – north Indian groom wears a lengthy sehra made in jasmine, lilies and red roses when he prepares for the baraat. 

The wedding garlands in the Indian Hindu marriages - in Hindu marriage, the bride and groom exchange floral garlands during the ritual called jaymal. 

The special wedding ornaments for the bride at vidaai – Muslim brides wear especially handmade flower ornaments like for the nose ring, head/hair bands and others at the time of rukhsati or vidaai. 

Flowers have remained in trend even in cosmopolitan weddings

Throughout the lengthy process of evolution of the cultures, flowers have never staggered back or backlashed as a concept. Rather we find increased catering even in the cosmopolitan weddings.


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