Things That A Loving Partner Should Never Say 

Things That A Loving Partner Should Never Say

When you are married to someone or are in a relationship with someone, you feel like you have the freedom to say and share whatever you want to with your partner without having to think twice about it. Marriage does give you this freedom, but taking your partner for granted may not be the best thing for your relationship. It is important for you to respect the feelings of your partner and try not to say things that can hurt them. For any relationship to be successful, it is important that both the partners have an understanding what they should and what they should never say to their partners. 

Some of the things which one should always try to avoid saying in front of their partner are as follows:

Avoid Making Comparisons

One of the biggest communication mistakes that you can make in a relationship is making constant comparisons between your partner and other people. When you love someone, you love that person for who he or she is and because they have the potential to become someone else. Therefore, you need to respect your partner for who they are and not compare them to your father, mother, friends or someone else and force them to become like these other people. 

Do Not Rake Up The Past

It is important to live in the present and not dwell on the past. Over time people tend to change. The circumstances of a person change and this brings about a number of changes in the personality of the person. Your partner too, would undergo these changes as your relationship moves ahead and with the course of time, your partner would develop certain traits and lose some traits of his or her personality from the past. There is no point in constantly reminding your partner about his or her lost youth or personality, as this might be a sore topic for them as well, for all you know, the change could have been something that time had forced on them and not something that they had chosen for themselves. 

Never Talk Ill About Their Families

We all love our families. Our families are our roots and no matter how irrational and irritating they are, we always love our family and can never tolerate any harm or ill will coming their way. Therefore, when our own partner starts to talk bad about them, it is sure to hurt our feelings and cause some major distress between the partners. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is for you to get along with the family of your spouse, try to avoid saying anything bad about them and try to put up a smile on your face and bear with them to the best of your capacity. 

Using Foul Words IS Just Not Acceptable

No matter how wrong your partner is or how heated an argument the two of you are having, it is never right to use foul language and engage in name calling each other. There is s line of respect which both the partners need to stay within in order to maintain the dignity of their relationship.


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