Things That Are A Part Of The Emergency Kit Of The Bride 

Things That Are A Part Of The Emergency Kit Of The Bride

It is important for every bride to prepare and carry an emergency kit with herself to the wedding venue. This emergency kit is supposed to help her in handling any mishap or emergency that can arise during the wedding ceremony. The wedding day is the biggest and the most important day in the life of the bride and the groom and they would not want anything to go wrong with it. Therefore, carrying this emergency kit becomes essential for the bride, in order to salvage her day from any unforeseen circumstances. 

Some of the essential items which form a part of the emergency kit of a bride are as under:

Dress Accessories

The first and the most important item which every bride must carry in her emergency bag is a needle and a thread, along with safety pins, bobby pins, fabric tape, and any other similar item which can help the bride in avoiding any sort of problems with respect to her dress. 


Another important thing which the bride must keep in her emergency kit is medicines. In case the bride has been prescribed certain medicines, these medicines should most definitely be a part of the emergency kit and along with these specific medicines, the bride must also keep general medicines like pain killers, medicines for allergies, Band-Aids, etc., the need for which can arise anytime. 


The wedding ceremonies last for many hours, and the bride is supposed to look pretty and perfect till the very end of the wedding ceremonies. Irrespective of whether the bride has used long lasting, waterproof makeup or not, it is always recommended that the bride should carry a small kit of her basic makeup items like lipstick, kajal, blusher, etc., and if the need arises, she can give herself a quick touch up, so that she continues to look fresh and gorgeous throughout the wedding. 

Energy Food

The bride and the groom are the centre of attraction at a wedding. Everything that happens at the wedding is centred around the bride and the groom and therefore, most of the times, the bride and the groom hide themselves so busy in meeting with the guests and completing the wedding rituals, that they do not get the time to grab even a single bite of food or drinks. Therefore, the bride must carry a granola bar in her emergency kit, which she can grab a quick bite from and restore her energy levels, without even having food for long hours. 

Wet Wipes

Weddings are an emotional time. The friends and family members of the bride and the groom remember the good, old times they have spent with the couple and this can make anyone cry. But crying for the bride can prove to be a dangerous thing, as it can spoil her entire eye makeup and make her look really ugly. Therefore, the bride must carry wet wipes and cotton in her emergency bag, which can use to wipe the tears off, without spoiling the makeup, thus ensuring that the bride looks pretty even when she is crying at her wedding.


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