Things That Couples Must Do Once The Wedding Is Over 

Things That Couples Must Do Once The Wedding Is Over

Once the wedding is over, both the bride and the groom would probably want to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company. They might want to discuss and cherish the special moments that they had shared during the wedding ceremony, but they would definitely not want to do any more work relating to the wedding. However, unfortunately, it is not so easy for the couples, as there are still many unfinished business relating to the wedding which they need to take care of. Post wedding, before you and partner actually start to enjoy your married life, you need to make sure that you get over with these after wedding tasks. 

Thank You Notes

The first job that both of you (you and your partner) have to do as a married couple is to send out thank you notes to all your friends and family members, who had taken the time out of their busy schedule to attend your wedding and given you some really lovely gifts. Not sending these thank you notes is considered to be extremely rude, and some of the people might actually take serious offense about this and even break off their ties with you. Hence, once back from your honeymoon, you cannot waste any more time, you need to immediately sit down to write and send personalized thank you notes to each of your wedding guests. 

Take Care Of That Expensive Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress has a lot of emotional value for you and you might want to save it as a memory of your wedding for the future or may even wish to reserve it for your daughter to wear it at her wedding someday. Besides these emotional reasons, remember the huge sum of money that you paid for buying that dress, well you have worn this dress only once and therefore, you need to keep it nicely now so that if ever there is an occasion, you should be able to use this dress again. Thus, back from the honeymoon, get down to the job of getting your wedding dress cleaned and preserved properly.

Wedding Album

You had hired the best photographer for your wedding and made sure that some really amazing picture of you, your partner and the entire wedding ceremony were taken, but if you do not get an album made of your wedding, then the whole point of having a photographer present at your wedding would be lost. Once you start with your office and work, you might not get the time to go through the hundreds of photos taken at the ceremony and select the best pictures; hence before you start your work, you need to get your wedding album made.

Sort Your Wedding Gifts

In spite of the fact that you had provided all your guests with a registry for the wedding gifts required by you, some of them would have still presented you with some unwanted items, or there might be two or some gifts. You need to sort through these gifts and return or exchange the unwanted ones. 


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