Things That Should Be A Part Of The Guest Welcome Bag 

Things That Should Be A Part Of The Guest Welcome Bag

The wedding guests are an important part of every wedding. Without the presence of these guests, the fun and excitement of the wedding would never be complete. Therefore, it becomes important that the bride and the groom take special efforts to make sure that each every guest of theirs feels welcomed, by making everything they require for their comfort available to them. Generally the guests are put up at some nice hotel, where everything already available to them. However, in additional to the mini bar and other facilities which the hotels offer to their guests, there are certain things which the bride and the groom should pack in a small welcome bag and make them available to all their guests. 

These bags not only help in giving a warm welcome to the guests, but also help in making them feel special. These bags are also a way of showing appreciation towards the guests for the fact that made time in their busy schedule and coming down for making the wedding day even more special for the couple. Some of the important items which should be a part of this welcome kit are as follows:

The Wedding Itinerary

Besides the main wedding ceremony, there are many other smaller functions which are held during any wedding. The guests need to know the exact details of each and every ceremony in order to be able to attend these ceremonies on time. Therefore, the first item that needs to be placed in the welcome bag is a detailed itinerary of the various functions that would take place during the wedding. This itinerary should provide all the details like the time of the ceremony, the dress code for the ceremony, the address of the venue of the ceremony, and any other detail which the guests might require for being able to attend the ceremony in a proper manner. 


Your wedding guests may have travelled long distances in order to come to your wedding, or even if they are local to the area, they would get thirsty and need something to drink. Water is available at every hotel, but the cost of water at these hotels can be very high and your guests might feel shy in ordering too much water for themselves, therefore, you need to make sure that your welcome bag includes water bottles for helping the guests in quenching their thirst without feeling guilty about increasing your hotel bills. Besides plain water, you can even arrange for certain alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to be a part of the welcome kit as well. These drinks help in setting the tone for the wedding celebrations for the wedding guests. 


Including something sweet in the welcome kit of the guests is almost compulsory. These kits are a way of showing your love and appreciation towards the guests and sweets are the best way of doing that. Besides, no ceremony can ever be complete without sweets and therefore, these sweets have to be a [art of everything that is done at the wedding. 


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