Things That You Might Not Know About Your Diamond 

Things That You Might Not Know About Your Diamond

  • In old times, Greeks believed diamonds to be tears of the Gods while according to the Romans these pieces are the parts of star that had tumbled from the sky. 

  • In the realm of diamonds, size does make a difference. A solitary, two-carat jewel is worth twice as much as two, single-carat diamonds. 

  • All through history, it was accepted by lords that a diamond worn in fight would mystically secure its wearer. 

  • The Egyptians started the custom of setting a jewel ring on the fourth finger, trusting a 'vein of affection' ran specifically from that point to the heart. 

  • For quite a long time, the seeds of the carob tree were utilized as the standard for weighing valuable stones. It's from this that we take "carat". 

  • The convention of giving a jewel ring as a token of a guarantee goes back to the fifteenth Century, when a king of Austria gave a diamond ring to her queen in praise their engagement. 

  • De Beers made the 4Cs in 1934 as a method for sorting and assessing diamonds. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) later received the framework for use in their research facility, which was set up in the 1950's. 

  • No one but diamonds can cut another jewel and just diamond powder can clean a jewel. 

  • Diamonds are warmth conductors and can blast if warmed past breaking point. 

  • The US is the #1 purchaser in jewels.

  • There is such a mind-bending concept as a consummately cut jewel. It's called a "Perfect Cut" when the jewel's features (or cuts) are done in immaculate symmetry. Every one of the edges line up, permitting light to spill out of the top for a more splendid sparkle. 

  • Jewels are made of carbon that solidified long back profound inside the world's mantle, under amazing conditions. It would take the weight of the Eiffel Tower on at the tip of your finger to make a diamond. 

  • Diamonds are conveyed to the world's surface by a volcanic emission. The jewels that we see at the surface today are ones that were conveyed to the surface by a profound situated volcanic ejection long back. 

  • A mine in Russia can extricate one carat worth of jewels from one ton of rock. 

  • Diamonds as little as 1/100th of a carat can at present have the same number of aspects (57) as a one carat jewel. 

  • Green diamonds get their shading from radiation in the earth. 

  • Diamonds can be formed into an assortment of shapes including stars and horse heads.


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