Things to keep in Mind While Hiring Your Wedding Pandit - Priest 

Things to keep in Mind While Hiring Your Wedding Pandit - Priest

Almost cent percent of the Indians have spiritual ceremonies before, during and after the wedding celebrations. we cannot deny that the spiritual congregations and programs are part and parcel of traditional Indian wedding. the priest or pandit is the main leader who manages all these stuffs. A wedding cannot be conducted without the help of a pandit.

Almost every family has their own pundits, whom they know for the years, still there are couple of things that you need to consider before hiring a pandit :- 

- First and foremost, the pandit must be capable to perform effectively the most desired kind of celebrations, whether the boy or girl side want that.

- Keep in mind to ask whether pandit ji would make his own travel and accommodation or you need to do so in case the celebrations have to take place out side the town.

- As it is imperative that the pooja celebration is always accompanied by the use of various ingredients like as ghee, holy water, tender coconuts, etc. its extremely mandatory to find out whether priest would bring himself all these stuffs of you shall have to arrange fo the all stuff.

- If the wedding is among the families of two different religions, then its very important to know about the kind of ceremonies performed and whether priest or the pandit would be able to perform inter religion kind of wedding.

- Keep in mind to inquire if the ceremony can be customized to the time frame you have in mind. Also, confirm the series of events

- Just check his availability  As he may be required for puja at home for pre wedding and post wedding rituals.

- Never forget to confirm the price of the overall celebration.

- The time required to perform the pooja is an important aspect to be considered in case the wedding requires long rituals to perform and are time consuming.

It is always recommended to work with someone you are easy working with as this person will be shouldering the responsibility of conducting one of the most memorable events in your lives!


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