Things to Know About Your Partner before Getting Engaged 

Things to Know About Your Partner before Getting Engaged

Engagement is a big step in any person’s life. It is important that this decision of marriage should be taken in a very practical manner. Simply getting carried away with emotions and proposing marriage to someone is wrong. You can end up spoiling not just your life, but also the life of the other person. Therefore, it is important, that before you propose marriage to your partner, you must know a few basic things about each other. 
Understand Your And Your Partner’s Feeling Well

There is a very slight difference between the emotions of love and lust. Before, you decide that as a couple you wish to take your relationship to the next level, you ensure that what you feel for your partner and what your partner feels for you, is true love and not some attraction, which would wither off in a couple of months. 

Career Goals

Today, the career goals of both the partners have become important. Men cannot expect their female partners to simply give up their careers and follow them around. There has to be a solid understanding between both the partners with respect to their career goals and what adjustments both of them would be ready to make in supporting these dreams of each other. 

Financial Matters

The difference between males and females does not exist anymore, as far as financial responsibilities are concerned. The females are supposed to contribute to the household expenses as an equal partner to the men. Therefore, before you decide to marry your partner, you need to make the various responsibilities clear to her and ensure that she is comfortable in taking up these responsibilities. In case, there is any doubt in her mind about the same, there is no point in moving ahead in the relationship, as these financial matters can cause big differences between couples and have resulted in divorces in many cases. 

Planning For Kids

You may be ready to have kids immediately after marriage, but your partner may want to wait for a couple of years or more, so that he or she gets the chance to grow in their career, before they take on the responsibility of children. This difference in future plans for kids, can cause big fights after marriage and therefore, it is better to get this matter settled before you even propose an engagement. 

Situation with the In-laws

Most of the couples today are starting their own nuclear family after marriage and the in-laws do not live with the couple. But, there are many families which continue to stay in the same house and therefore, the interference of the in-laws is bound to happen. It is better that the living situation with the in-laws is made clear right from the start and if the same is not acceptable to either of the partners, they can decide to not go ahead with the engagement. 

Previous Relationships

It is very common these days for people to have been in more than one relationship before they finally get married and settle down. Being open and frank about your past relationships helps in making the trust between the couples stronger. 


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