Things Which Happen Only At Indian Wedding 

Things Which Happen Only At Indian Wedding

There has been a growing curiosity among the people around the world to know more about the Indian wedding. Be it celebrities or foreign tourists, more and more people are liking the idea of tying their wedding knots the Indian style following the Indian traditions, customs and rituals. Indian weddings themselves are a versatile mixture of varied cultures and traditions, like there is the Hindu wedding, the Indian Christian wedding, the Indian Muslim wedding, the Sikh wedding, the Jain wedding and many more. Therefore it can be rightly said that no two Indian weddings are same. Even in the Hindu weddings of different regions, there is a great possibility that of differences in Indian ceremonies and traditions. However, the uniqueness of Indian weddings is reflected in each of the Indian wedding. Some of the features which are uniquely associated with the Indian weddings setting them apart from others have been mentioned here. Indian wedding invitations carry all details of the time and venue of the various ceremonies which have to take place before and after wedding.

Indian Wedding: A Grand Affair

Indian weddings are always grand. The wedding celebrations begin from several days before the day of wedding in both the bride’s and the groom’s side. Special attention is paid towards the decorations of the wedding venue, also called as “pandal” in India. Elaborate decorations marked with several color combinations are to seen all around the wedding venue. These colors mark the varied emotions of the two families involved. The Indian wedding is far away from a silent ceremony. It is usually a very loud and noisy affair. 

Extravagant Food Platters

The variety of food platters in an Indian wedding reception is outstanding. Almost every kind of Indian regional cuisine counter is present, be it, North Indian, South Indian, Marwari, Gujarati, etc. Apart from the Indian cuisine, Chinese food stall and Italian Pizza Stalls are also to be seen. It is almost impossible for a guest to taste every single item present in the dinner menu at an Indian wedding reception.

Uncomfortable Posing for Photo Sessions

The bride and groom are made to pose in several filmy and amusing poses for the still photography. It becomes seemingly embarrassing for the bride and the groom to pose in funny poses in front of all the guests for the photographer. Even the guests are focused in videos while having their meals or snacks which in turn become very embarrassing for them.

Guests Drinking Alcohol Hidden in the Boot of some Car outside the Wedding Venue

It is a common site to witness some guests having a gala time drinking alcohol which is kept hidden in the boot of some cars. This is done to avoid any nuisance to be made while the wedding ceremonies are taking place inside the wedding venue. 

Heavily Decked up Women

Irrespective of what month of the year it is, women can be seen wearing their traditional sarees and short fancy blouses. They are heavily decked up with jewelry and accessories. It is said that the weight of the attire worn by the bride in the Indian wedding is more than her own body weight! 


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